7 Reasons Why Women Who Stay Single Are the Happiest Ones

7 Reasons Why Women Who Stay Single Are the Happiest Ones

I don't believe my happiness depends on being in a relationship. Quite frankly, I'm happy being in a relationship with myself.

Many a single woman has been pitied for not having a partner. But as a single woman myself, I can tell you it's certainly not the terrible status it's been touted to be. Believe it or not, I find myself happy.  Would it surprise you even more if I said I'm not the only one to feel happy being single? There's a sizeable number of women that feel this way.

A 2017 report published on Mintel shows that 61% of single women in the UK say they are happy with their relationship status, compared to 49% of single men. Over 70% of them say they haven't actively tried to find a partner in over a year. I suppose when you're busy being happy, you just let love find you if it must. Because being single has quite a few perks, ladies.

1. I revel in my solitude


I'm very comfy going to the movies alone. I even eat alone (books make for amazing company). As for weddings, I have friends I can go with; I don't really find the need to have a date. And quite frankly, I enjoy my own company. I find the thoughts in my head interesting, amusing, and sometimes even amazing.

2. I have abundant time for myself

When I'm single, I don't need to bother about spending quality time with my "significant other," because I'm the significant self that matters. That appointment at the massage parlor doesn't need to be postponed because really, the entire weekend is mine.

3. I can pursue my ambitions more easily

There's no sitting around, waiting for a man-child to grow up and plan his life so that I can align my life goals with his. I have excellent clarity of vision and I pursue my dreams proactively.

4. I love all the room on my bed


Really, I do. It might seem like a small thing, but small joys contribute to overall happiness, wouldn't you agree? I love rolling about in the bed, long after I'm up, and it's great that I have the whole of the bed to do this in.

5. I appreciate my various other relationships

I'm not preoccupied with thoughts about my "significant other". I'm now very aware of the significance of my other relationships - with my parents, friends, cousins, and colleagues. I don't need to bump them off for my partner.

6. Solo travel is way more relaxing


I don't need to oblige with a partner to fit his travel expectations with mine. I can easily choose what I want to do, and when I want to do them, while on a holiday. If I want to do nothing at all (which might seem boring to a partner), then I can do just that - nothing! It's my idea of a holiday.

7. I have a strong streak of independence

When I was in a relationship, I didn't make much effort to learn a few things - like socializing on my own, picking up heavy bags, even running errands. While it's nice to have a partner to do these things with, I quickly saw the benefits of doing them on my own. Because even if I were in a relationship, and my partner wasn't around for some reason, I wouldn't be limited by my own shortcomings.

Truth is, I don’t base my happiness and success on my relationship status. I don’t need a partner to feel happy and fulfilled – I already am, really. In the end, I suppose it's about how much I value myself and don't find the need to be validated by a partner.




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