Meet Harrison Ford's 5 Kids With 3 Different Women | Where Are They Now?

Meet Harrison Ford's 5 Kids With 3 Different Women | Where Are They Now?

The Indiana Jones actor was married three times during his lifetime and is the dad to four sons and one daughter.

Source: Getty Images | Photo by Ian Gavan

Harrison Ford, 78, is as dedicated as a father as he is as an actor. The actor who played Han Solo from Star Wars is a dad to five kids with three different women. The Indiana Jones actor has been married to three different women during his lifetime. He is a loving dad to kids Benjamin Ford, Willard Ford, Malcolm Ford, Georgia Ford, and Liam Flockhart. His life as a family man started in 1964 when he married for the first time. 


He was married to Mary Marquardt and they welcomed their first child, a son Benjamin in 1967, followed by son Willard in 1969. They were together for a long time after that until things went south. The couple separated in 1979 after news broke out that he had an affair with co-star Carrie Fisher, according to Amomama.



A couple of years after his divorce, he met screenwriter Melissa Mathison, as per Closer Weekly. They got married in 1983 and he continued to expand his family. They welcomed their first child, son Malcolm in 1987, and daughter Georgia in 1990. However, this relationship didn't last either and they divorced in 2004. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2015 after battling neuroendocrine cancer.



In the meantime, the Air Force One actor decided to give marriage another shot. He dated Calista Flockhart for almost a decade before marrying her in 2010. They have been together ever since. Ford went on to adopt the Allie McBeal actress's adopted son, Liam. 


"Harrison never thought he’d become a late-in-life dad, but it’s been a tremendous blessing to him," the Blade Runner actor's friend shared with Closer Weekly. "He has been mindful to give Liam his full attention," they said.



He dotes on his youngest son and is willing to go on adventures because of him. He went skydiving in 2019 and said, "Probably because Liam said he wanted to do it" when he was asked about it. "It was fun, it was great. I did like it," he continued, jokingly adding, "We’re not talking to his mother about it."

His five children are successful in their own right now, and this is what they have been busy with: 


1. Benjamin Ford


Benjamin, 52, is a professional chef just like his mother and is the owner of the restaurant Ford’s Filling Station in Culver City, California. Benjamin's mother also worked with him at the restaurant, co-owned by Ford. The actor's first child said that he was inspired by his father to take up this job. He is married to Emily Tomerlin, and has two children. He is a dad to a 20-year-old son as well.


2. Willard Ford 


The actor's second son was born on May 14, 1969. He is now a businessman, who owns Strong Sports Gym and the Ludwig Clothing Company. He is also co-owner of Ford & Ching. He is the father of one son, who is now 27.

3. Malcolm Ford


His third son, 32, inherited his parents' artistic talents and is a musician with punk rock band The Dough Rollers. They have shared the stage with many other musicians like Bob Dylan, Billy Idol, Queens of the Stone Age, and John Mellencamp. He had taken his parents' separation badly and had even become addicted to narcotics for which he had to seek therapy in rehab and music helped him in that path, according to Spock and Christine.

4. Georgia Ford 

Actors Calista Flockhart (C), Harrison Ford (R) and daughter Georgia (L) | Source: Getty Images | Photo by Kevin Winter

Georgia is Ford's only daughter and is the only one who followed her famous father’s footsteps. She is a model and an actor, who has been working in movies since 2013. She appeared in multiple films, including True Story, American Milkshake, and The Visitor.

5. Liam Flockhart


This is the actor's youngest son and he was adopted by Flockhart a short time before she started dating him. For him, Ford has been the prime father figure and the actor's life also revolved around his young son and wife. The 19-year-old joined the Amherst College, a private liberal arts college in Massachusetts last fall, as per Daily Mail.