7 Things Harry and William Inherited from Princess Diana, Like Her Endearing Smile and Warm Heart

7 Things Harry and William Inherited from Princess Diana, Like Her Endearing Smile and Warm Heart

Her sons lost her too soon in life but not so soon that they wouldn't inculcate all that is good about her.

Princess Diana may be lost to the world but she lives on in her sons, Harry and William. Children end up copying the habits of their parents and as adults, they begin to look like them. As adults, the two princes have become very similar to Diana, in looks as well as in personality. They inherited her kindness and have a generous heart too. They want to be as giving to the people as she was. While they did inherit her wealth, her jewelry, and many other material possessions, they also gained things that have no price. Whether it is William's smile or Harry's prankster personality, all that makes them good was inherited from their mother, who had a heart of gold.

In almost everything they do, you can see her reflection in them. Whether it's the way they cradle their baby or interact with the public, in personal and public life they are just like her. She was known for her naughtiness and Harry has come to be known as a mischievous prince too. Her elegance and poise have been inherited by Prince William, the one most likely to become king in his lifetime.

She wanted them to have a dignified presence in public life and still get to be children at home. The way the two brothers protect their children so that they can have a private life is also similar to her parenting style.

Here are some of the things the two sons inherited from their mom that can never be taken away from them and are priceless:

1. Her smile

Whether it's the Mona Lisa smile of Princess Diana that Prince Harry effortlessly reflects or her beatific expression that Prince William has, the similarities just can't be ignored.






2. Her style

Her sons have the same elan in their sartorial choices. Even the way they stand when relaxed is similar to their mother.


3. Her love for children 

Princess Diana was famously great with children and didn't leave any chance to interact with them. She was an elementary school teacher before marrying Prince Charles. Princes Harry and William have also shown us how amazing they are when interacting with children.







4. Her humanitarian nature

She was an advocate and supporter of many charity foundations including the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, and London's Great Ormond Street Hospital for children. She also spent time raising awareness on mental health, leprosy, cancer, animal rights, poverty and homelessness, and more, according to Harper's Bazaar, something her children continue to do even now. 





5. Her rebellious streak 

She was no weak woman who would get trampled on. Instead, she had a mind of her own and she was a rebel. Incidentally, Prince Harry "reveled in being the class clown" and became a "rebel" after the loss of his mother, according to Express UK. He had taken her death hard and it took him many years to recover. While he is no longer a rebel, he's not given up on the positive parts of being the funny guy.




6. Her love for sports 

Princess Diana loved swimming since she was a young child. Her love for this water sport continued to adulthood and she encouraged her children to love sports overall.




7. Her parenting style

Diana was fiercely protective of her children, and never shied from showing affection, even if it was in public. She was a hands-on mother who was always there for her kids, and her sons seem to be going the same route.









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