The Harvest Full Moon on October 1 Will Inspire Us to Take Care of Ourselves | 3 Most Affected Zodiac Signs

The Harvest Full Moon on October 1 Will Inspire Us to Take Care of Ourselves | 3 Most Affected Zodiac Signs

Be prepared for some major upheaval in your life, as predicted by astrology. The new changes are likely to make you happier.

Usually, we get to see the full orb of light in the night sky once a month but once in a while, the phenomenon is repeated one more time. In October 2020, there are going to be two full moons, with the first one on October 1 and the second on October 31, Halloween. This month's first full moon has a name for itself and it's called the Harvest full moon. It will be visible after sunset and will be reaching peak illumination at 5:06 P.M. Eastern Time, according to Farmer's Almanac.

If you're wondering why it affects you, we have the answer. This month's first full moon will be in Aries, which is a fire sign. Aries is all about starting new projects and being busy. It's also a zodiac sign that knows how to look out for themselves.

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What is the harvest full moon?

The harvest full moon got its name from the Algonquin people, who used to live along the Atlantic Coast, along the interior of the St. Lawrence River, and around the Great Lakes. Around the full moon, the moon rises 30 minutes later each night, which gives farmers more time to harvest. Historically, the extra light used to be precious for the agrarian community, according to the Farmer's Almanac.

What does it mean to have the harvest moon in Aries? Us women like taking care of others, but this full moon is asking us to prioritize ourselves. It's all about doing what we want and how we want. Whether that's something as small as trying out a new haircut or changing up our profession, this is the right time to make changes. You will find that you have a lot of energy to take on new things that benefit you. While it's going to be an inspiring time for everyone, three zodiac signs are most likely to be affected.

Who will be most affected?

These zodiac signs might feel the need to overhaul their lives in some way or the other:

1. Aries 

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Since the full moon is in Aries, this fire sign will face the heat. You will be looking at making a positive impact on yourself and others. You might be facing a rebirth in some aspect of your life and you need to figure out if it's worth it. You know that change is inevitable so there might not be any virtue is resisting it. Embrace the new you, instead of shying away from it.

2. Cancer

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You may be a reserved person, who doesn't see their own talents. The full moon will bring you positive energy that will make you see yourself in a new light. You will be able to acknowledge your talents and plan for the future. It will help you avoid looking to others for validation. It will help you avoid places and people who don't appreciate you. You will be able to see your own charm and intelligence, that will take you forward through the year.

3. Libra 

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You are usually a social person but some people might be pushing your boundaries. While it's unlike you to refuse folks but will have to do so to keep your balance and harmony. You will be focussing on your happiness and mental health as you learn that you are in charge of your wellbeing. This might mean that you confess something important to someone close. You might want to choose your words wisely then.

How will the harvest full moon affect your future? 

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Once you start doing things how you want them, it will help you gain confidence. That means you will stop looking to others to feel good about yourself. Once you start believing in yourself around the full moon and know what this energy feels like, you will not want to go back to how things were.



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