Woman Gets Back at Her Cheating Boyfriend in the Most Unexpected Way | “I Knew Where to Hit Him Where It Hurt"

Woman Gets Back at Her Cheating Boyfriend in the Most Unexpected Way | “I Knew Where to Hit Him Where It Hurt"

Lauren Lilley had a gut feeling that her boyfriend was cheating and it turned out to be true when she checked his phone.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published on January 25, 2021. It has since been updated.

There have been times when women have been left shattered by men, for whom they've sacrificed everything. While the men move on to another phase of their lives, us women are left behind to pick up the pieces. Naturally, thoughts of revenge have crossed our minds, to mend our broken hearts, right? But we never act on it and convince ourselves to move on.


However, one broken-hearted woman took her revenge in the best possible way which would surely make you feel better as well. When 29-year-old Lauren Lilley discovered that her boyfriend, Nathan Smith, was cheating on her with another woman, she was shocked. However, this wasn't the worst part. Nathan broke up their relationship of two years for the new woman he was seeing, as per The Sun.

Devastated by how things had changed for her suddenly, the single mum spent days crying. That's when she realized that she was still logged into his Amazon account and came up with a plan to exact perfect revenge. You get an idea of where this story is heading, right?


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Lauren saw an opportunity and she grabbed it. After throwing Nathan out of her house along with his belongings, she spent $685 (£500) of his money on films and TV shows to stream online. “It’s a creative way to get back at someone. I had fun doing it. I’m definitely going to tell the grandkids about it.”

Lauren, who is a nurse at Salisbury, Wilt, had a feeling that Nathan was cheating on her. Finally, last November, she found out that her gut feeling was absolutely true after she checked his phone. “I was a scorned woman. I thought, right, I’m going to buy so many films with the title of any deceit or disrespect he’s shown. I didn’t want to buy films he would benefit from so I ventured into the Bollywood scene."


Elaborating more about her genius plan, she continued, “He was at work so I knew he wouldn’t be on his phone to get alerts. I ended up racking up £500 worth of films before he was alerted and I was locked out. I knew where to hit him where it hurt — in his bank balance. I can even pat myself on the back for it because it was pretty funny.”

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Nathan was saved by his bank as they realized that the transactions weren't his. Unfortunately, Lauren could spend only £245 ($336) of the £500. However, half of the online movies that the mum-of-one ordered was processed before Amazon could cancel them.


Lauren revealed that her plan was so amazing that even Nathan admitted that it was "brilliant" revenge. “Two weeks later he called me up and was, like, ‘I did deserve this. That was the best and most hilarious way anyone’s got back at me. You should be proud of yourself.' He was commending me. I was, like, ‘It's just who I am. Don’t f*** with a good woman.'”

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26-year-old Nathan from North Yorkshire divulged his side of the story and explained how he got to know about Lauren's plan. “I had a phone call from the bank fraud squad to say someone was using my bank card. I got emails to say all of these DVDs had been ordered. Around £245 went through. The bank stopped the rest after realizing it was fraudulent. Amazon Prime refunded me."


He further revealed that none of the DVDs that Lauren ordered turned up since all of them were online. “When I saw the names of the DVDs, I thought it was quite hilarious. I handled it with good humor. She was trying to get back at me. It’s fair enough.”

We think so too, Nathan... we do.