Whiskers, the Kangaroo Famous for His "Muscles," Died After Being Hit by a Car | He Was a "Gentle Giant"

Whiskers, the Kangaroo Famous for His "Muscles," Died After Being Hit by a Car | He Was a "Gentle Giant"

The hench kangaroo was quite famous as he oftenn stopped to greet guests at the local holiday park.

Kangaroos, the national animal of Australia, are well-loved creatures with fans around the globe. A kangaroo named Whiskers was quite famous around Bright in Victoria, Australia, after he became viral for his muscular body. The hench kangaroo, who was about 6ft tall, often stopped to greet guests at the local holiday park. He was quite friendly, despite his size. People who got to know him through the internet fell in love with him, too.

Unfortunately, Whiskers was hit by a car in a tragic accident, and he didn't make it. According to Daily Mail, the heartbreaking news was shared on a Facebook group by Tracey Wilson, whose parents knew Whiskers well. 

Source: Facebook/Tracey Wilson



Wilson shared a few pictures of Whiskers in the Australian Native Animals group with a heartwarming message to pay tribute to him. "Everybody meet whiskers. This fella lived in Bright Victoria until recently," she wrote. "These photos were taken by my mum and dad. My whole family loved this roo and it was only my parents that actually got to meet him."

"Unfortunately, dad found him hit by a car and was deceased," she shared, adding, "Would just love for him to be remembered as the huge gentle giant."

In the comments, people couldn't help but wonder how someone missed seeing such a big kangaroo. They also wondered just how bad the damages to the car would have been. 

Source: Facebook/Tracey Wilson


Wilson's parents, who managed the local Bright Holiday Park, saw the kangaroo every day over the summer. "Some days if it was quiet in the park he would just chill out in the sun all day," she said.

Wilson added that Whiskers—apart from being popular with local human residents— would sometimes be joined by other kangaroos when he went on his visits. "Mum said others would turn up at times and dad was convinced they were his girlfriends," she joked.

It was Wilson's dad who found Whisker's dead body on the road and immediately called the council to inform them that the "gentle giant" didn't survive the crash from a car that had reportedly been traveling in a 50km/hour zone. Unfortunately, no one has come forward yet with any information regarding the accident. 

Source: Facebook/Tracey Wilson


"I don't understand how a kangaroo his size could get hit and cause enough injuries for him to die. My sisters and I never even met him and we loved him. He'll be greatly missed in Bright."

It is not unusual for kangaroos to get quite big in size. In fact, the red kangaroo, which is the largest marsupial, can actually weigh around 200 lbs, according to Live Science. Unfortunately, their lives are at risk due to hunting and car accidents, not unlike the one that claimed Whisker's life. 


Cover Image Source: Facebook/Tracey Wilson/Australian Native Animals

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