The Snow Full Moon on February 9 Brings Strength, Courage, and Energy | How Does It Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

The Snow Full Moon on February 9 Brings Strength, Courage, and Energy | How Does It Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

This time, it's your emotions and desires that are going to come out in full force. Embrace that intensity.

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The second full moon of the year, dubbed the Snow Moon, is ready to make its appearance on February 9, 2020. Named after the snow on the ground during this time of the year, it is said to be one of the largest full moons of this year, according to Fox News. However, there's something more special about this moon than just its size. According to Astrology King, during this period of time, your strength and desire to chase your dreams without allowing obstacles to stop you will be heightened, as will your other emotions. And here's what you can look forward to, based on your zodiac sign.

1. Aries

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As your emotions rise to the forefront, you'll see yourself craving adventures and new challenges. Taking that trip to your dream destination or finally pursuing that hobby that makes you feel alive won't seem so far-fetched anymore. So grab the opportunity that presents itself. This may cause you to clash with your partner or family, especially if they don't want to be away from you, but achieving this dream will help soothe your soul.


2. Taurus

Source: Illustration — Taurus

This full moon, you'll find yourself overflowing with creativity and the need to fulfill it. If you do present this side of yours to others, you might see them really taking note of your ideas and thoughts. However, it's important to keep good control over your words if someone disagrees with your point of view. Take good care to hear them out and reflect on what they say. It'll help you build a better relationship with them. And this includes your partner too.

3. Gemini

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If it's been a trying time for you, then this is the time to celebrate. All the work you've put in will finally show some of its rewards and you might feel the need to implement some changes in your life. But along with those changes will come certain difficult decisions and conversations that you'll need to have with your loved ones. As much as you might dread it, these discussions and changes will be good for you in the long-term, especially in your relationship.


4. Cancer

Source: Illustration — Cancer

Cancerians, this is the time to gather your strength in the face of adversity as you express yourself. Your ideas and beliefs might ruffle a few feathers and you might feel like everyone is against you. However, this won't last very long and those who once were opposing you might be the same ones who will acknowledge your wisdom. With your partner, it's important to not let such moments like this strain your relationship with them. Patience is key during this time.

5. Leo

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This full moon might be more about love for you than you might realize. If you're not in a relationship, you could find yourself drawn to someone who respects and appreciates you as you are. Take a chance and see how that relationship develops. If you are already committed to your partner, the sparks that led you to one another might just flare up again. This could give both of you the chance to make your relationship deeper in a more special way.


6. Virgo

Source: Illustration — Virgo

You've been working hard for so long now. You need a break and this is the time to take it. Others might try to force you out of your comfort zone and try to take advantage of your kind nature in order to get their things done, but this full moon phase needs to be about you. Recharge yourself and allow your mind to gain some peace, even if it means staying away from your partner for a while. Because after this, you will need all your energy to stay calm amongst others' challenges.

7. Libra

Source: Illustration — Libra

This full moon is most likely going to be smooth sailing for you, both personally and professionally. With your family, any animosity or cold silences might just thaw and bring all of you closer while your bond with your partner might deepen. You might even find yourself more energized and ready to take on activities that you might not have considered at any other time. So enjoy this moon phase and make special memories with your loved ones during this period.


8. Scorpio

Source: Illustration — Scorpio

Intimacy and connection are important during this full moon for you Scorpios. In order to maintain a strong bond with your partner, you might have to make some compromises and ensure that both of you are sensitive to each other's needs. Otherwise, any issues that crop up between you two could blow out of proportion. Additionally, with your family and friends, it could be a tough time as the plans you make with them might not run smoothly.

9. Sagittarius

Source: Illustration — Sagittarius

Sagittarians, your family and friends might need you now more than ever. If they see you as the rock in their life, they'll need you to stand by them as they face a difficult time. However, this shouldn't be too hard as, during this full moon, you might find yourself more at ease with yourself, something you need after months of being stressed out. With your partner, showing a bit of extra romance would certainly help solidify the connection you have with them.


10. Capricorn

Source: Illustration — Capricorn

This full moon, spend time reconnecting with your family and making memories with them. Go out with them or engage in some quality time with each of your family members as it will show that you consider them important. As for your relationship, plan something eventful with your partner and step out of your comfort zone with them by your side. This type of bonding will help both of you see sides of each other that may have been hidden despite being in such a long-term relationship.

11. Aquarius

Source: Illustration — Aquarius

This full moon might be a tad difficult for you as you will have to face making decisions that could cut you off from people you've known for a long time. However, if they've turned toxic, then use this time to lighten this burden of yours by separating yourself from them. It might hurt but it'll worth it later on. With your partner, take the initiative to cheer them up. They might be going through a hard time but not want to worry you. So find ways to make them happy... they'll definitely remember your efforts.


12. Pisces

Source: Illustration — Pisces

Harmony is in your life now. Whether it's with your partner, your work, your family or even your decisions, you might find yourself at peace with all aspects of your life. So enjoy this time. But keep in mind that should any issues crop up, communication and resolution are important. During this period, if it remains unresolved, these problems could become even bigger during the course of the months.





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