Fun Test: Here's What the First Letter of Your Name Reveals about Your Personality

Fun Test: Here's What the First Letter of Your Name Reveals about Your Personality

Your name is as uniue as your personality is, even if there are a few you share your name with.

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Much like how your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about who you are as a person, numerology can, too. The study of numbers can help you understand traits about yourself that might otherwise seem unclear. According to Numerology.com, each letter in your name has a corresponding number, which can reveal a lot about your personality.  The very first letter of your name is called the cornerstone. It shows your essential personality and how you approach life.


So what does the first letter of your name say about you?

1. A, D, J, K

Those with these cornerstones are the kind of people who understand the value of honesty and hard work. You have a goal set in mind and won't stop until you reach your dreams. The passion that drives you in your ideas is the same when it comes to your relationships. With your family and loved ones, you are always ready to drop everything to be there for them and stand with them when they need your support. As for your partner, you give your all to make the relationship work. Sometimes, this can be painful for you as it might not be reciprocated in the same manner, but that doesn't change the way you love. 


2. B, E, P, S

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If you have one of these cornerstones, you are the type of person who might not open up easily to others; however, you are sensitive to the emotions and needs of your loved ones. You put others first, sometimes at the risk of forgetting yourself. You have a way of adapting to new situations calmly, and your uncommon ability to empathize with others makes you special. Though you may prefer to keep to yourself and enjoy exploring new things alone, when your loved ones need you, you're right there with them to listen to their problems. With a partner, you love romantic gestures, both in terms of giving and taking. However, you're smart enough not to let them take advantage of your kind nature. 


3. C, I, L, N

If one of these letters is your cornerstone, you might be the kind of person who enjoys spending time around other people. Your upbeat and cheery nature can bring a smile to even the dullest of people. However, while others might mistake you to be flaky because of your enthusiasm for the simple joys of life, you're someone who knows every moment counts and every day that we have on earth is precious. It's this aspect of yours that brings out your creativity. When it comes to relationships, you don't just want a lover, you want a friend in them. You need them to be able to give you the same kind of attention that you give them. Emotional connection matters a lot to you, although very few people understand this trait of yours.


4. F, H, O

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If you have one of these cornerstones, then others might see you as someone who is nurturing and kind-hearted. You have this unique ability to absorb people's pain and find a way to give them back happiness. Sensitive yet strong, you can get along easily with people from various paths of life. But as kind as you may be, you don't allow others to sway you easily from your core beliefs. Even with your partner, as much as you love them, you respect yourself enough to have strong boundaries. You might choose to go out of your way for those who matter to you, but you have your own identity that you refuse to compromise on. 


5. G, M, T, Y

If you have any of these cornerstones, you might be the kind of person who places high value on stability. You enjoy having a routine to look forward to and prefer doing things at your own pace. Of course, that doesn't mean you don't know how to let down your hair and have a bit of fun every now and then. Your self-dependency gives you the ability to take on tasks that others might find to be out of their league. You might come off as selfish to those who don't understand you,  but those close to you know just how loyal and trustworthy you are. When it comes to your partner, you have certain standards set. Only if they meet those do you feel at ease to emotionally connect with them. 


6. Q, R, U, W

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If your cornerstone is one of these letters, you might be the person who likes to be one the move and learn new things. Whether it's through activities like traveling or reading, your thirst for knowledge keeps you from being able to sit still. And because you experience everything in your life deeply, even the simple pleasures in life can mean a lot to you. Your family and friends are often at the top of your priority list, sometimes making you forget that you have to also take care of yourself. With a relationship, you are a true romantic and need a partner who knows how to turn small acts into incredibly meaningful moments.  


7. V, X, Z

People with these cornerstones, like you, are the kind who are not easily intimidated by challenges that life throws at them. You are fiercely independent, but it is hard for you to receive help from others. You'd rather give than receive. This also makes it hard for you to let people close to you; only a handful of people know you beyond your tough mask. Once you consider someone a close friend, you will go to any length to make them happy. Although you might seem cold on the outside, inside you beats a genuine heart. In relationships, you look for a partner who is honest and values companionship over loud gestures.



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