Heroic 4yo Saves Mom's Life by Calling 911 While Keeping Her Siblings and Dogs Calm | "She Truly Saved My Life"

Heroic 4yo Saves Mom's Life by Calling 911 While Keeping Her Siblings and Dogs Calm | "She Truly Saved My Life"

When her mom fell unconscious, this girl didn't panic. Instead she managed to calm her siblings down, and made sure the dogs settled down while the paramedics saved her mom's life.

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Not all heroes wear capes and this four-year-old girl proves that statement. After all, she managed to save her mother's life with quick thinking while also handling her siblings and her dogs, not something you'd expect from a child so young. So it's no wonder that the young one is being hailed a hero.

On December 6, 2019, little Isla Glaser was at her home in Franklin Township, New Jersey with her mom, Haley Glaser, and three younger siblings, when her mother suddenly experienced a medical episode that caused her to collapse. According to People, Isla tried to wake her mother up, but when she realized she couldn't, the little girl knew that help was needed.


Using her intelligence, Isla found her unconscious mother's cell phone and dialed 911. With a calm attitude about her, she told the dispatcher "My mommy falled [sic] down, and she can't talk."



She was then asked numerous questions by the dispatcher regarding her mother's condition wherein she responded saying that her mom had been home sick with a fever before passing out. She also revealed that her father was at work and that it was just her and her 2-year-old sister and one-year-old twin brothers at home.


“Okay, I’ll let you know when they’re there. Stay on the line with me until then,” the dispatcher said to Isla, after she gave the address. But perhaps what was more surprising was how well the four-year-old kept her siblings calm and the dogs out of the way when the emergency personnel arrived at her home. When the Franklin Township Police Department found the door locked, they were able to talk the young girl into opening it.


As if the quick thinking she possessed wasn't astonishing enough, the little girl surprised everyone again by pushing a chair to the door to stand on and open it. And all of this while getting the family's dogs to hush. Over the phone call recording that was obtained by NBC 4 New York, you can hear young Isla yelling, "Puppies get out of the way! Puppies get out of the way!"


It was then that the authorities found out that the preschooler had also managed to feed her younger siblings while the responders tended to her mother while reassuring them that “everything would be OK,” Franklin Police said.


Soon enough the mother-of-four was rushed to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a bacterial infection and admitted for several days, according to CNN. "She is now home and recovering,'' police said in the news release, reported by Today on December 18, 2019. "If not for the swift and sure actions of Isla, this could have had a very different outcome."


Because of her brave acts, Isla was then awarded as an honorary police officer and a certificate of commendation. "I know adults that cannot handle that kind of incident with that much bravery, poise, and distinction," Lt. Philip Rizzo of the Franklin Township Police Department said at a news conference. "For that, this young lady needs to be commended."


As for her mother, Haley, she was extremely proud and grateful for her daughter. "She truly saved my life," she said, reported CNN.