Homeless Man Breaks Down In Joy After A Kind Stranger Raised $15,000 To Get Him A House

Homeless Man Breaks Down In Joy After A Kind Stranger Raised $15,000 To Get Him A House

Vlogger Philip Vu collected the money with the help of his social media followers and friends.

Homelessness is a crisis that needs to be addressed. According to the statistics by the National Alliance to End Homelessness, the issue is rising with every passing day. The organization claims that about an estimated 553,742 have no roof over their heads in the US. While fixing this issue is not an overnight task, we can always help homeless people in whichever ways we can. One kind man did what he could after befriending a homeless man, whose story was so touching that he decided to surprise him with something special.


24-year-old Philip Vu met Mike from New Haven, Connecticut, when the latter tried to offer car window cleaning services to earn some money for the night, according to Metro. Though Vu refused to take the service, he offered to buy a falafel sandwich and share some time with Mike. So, the two ended up having food in Vu's car and talking about their lives. After half an hour of candid conversation with Mike, Vu, a vlogger decided to pull out his camera and shoot his chit-chat with Mike.


Mike told Vu that he became homeless after his mother passed away. He also revealed that he spent 22 years in prison. Mike claimed that he was trying to be a better person. Vu, on the other hand, spoke of his immigrant Vietnamese family and his struggles growing up in the US. He told Mike that his family was financially backward at the time. He stated that he had decided to travel after graduating college. Vu also revealed that he quit a bank job to help people.

Speaking of his current profession, Vu said that he drove his car around and made content for Youtube and Tik Tok. After listening to Mike, Vu was determined to help him. Along with his Tik Tok followers and other friends, Vu raised a total of $15,000 for Mike. He raised  $14,000 through GoFundMe and $1,000 on Venmo. Additionally, Vu's friend got Capelli Sports to give Mike a whole collection of warm clothes.

Vu was excited to break the news to Mike. So, on Chinese New Year, Vu took Mike out for lunch. After having lunch at a famous burger joint, the duo drove to the place they first met. Moments later, Vu broke the surprise to Mike. He gave him the warm clothes from Capelli and handed the $1,000 in cash.

Mike was dumbstruck. Never in his wildest imagination did he think Vu would do something that special and considerate for him. Touched by Vu's gesture, Mike stated, "Let me donate back to you."


However, Mike did not know there was more. When Vu told him about there was more money waiting for him, he cried with joy. He thanked Vu for his unexpected gesture and even spoke to his mother. He told Vu's mother that she had an amazing son. Vu, on the other hand, stated that he was delighted to fulfill his dream of having a roof over his head.

Apart from giving Mike money, Vu also helped him get in touch with financial advisors to put his money to good use. Metro reported that Mike is getting his social security number and has applied for low-income housing.




Cover Source (Representational): Getty Images | Photo by Chanin Wardkhian

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