These 5 Houseplants Have Beautiful and Unique Fragrances That Will Make a Home Smell Like a Dream

These 5 Houseplants Have Beautiful and Unique Fragrances That Will Make a Home Smell Like a Dream

While chemical-based room fresheners are readily available in the market, you can't really compare them to the long-lasting risk-free fragrance of a plant.


Editor’s note: This article was originally published on July 26, 2021. It has since been updated.

No matter how many fancy home decor items you may have, the humble little houseplant has a charm like no other. A few pots kept in the right places may instantly lift your mood with its pop of colors. If you're searching for the perfect plant to keep inside your home, we'd suggest taking things a little further and going for something that not only treats you visually but also pleases your olfactory receptors. While chemical-based room fresheners are readily available in the market, you can't really compare them to the long-lasting risk-free fragrance of a plant.


Some of them even have hidden health benefits like easing pain, according to Country Living. It also includes reducing air pollution, prevention of dry winter skin, and helping with sleep deprivation. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a few sweet-smelling indoor plants to make your home divinely fragrant. Not sure which one to get? Below mentioned are a few options:


1. Lavender

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Who doesn't love lavender? The flower is widely known for its year-round fragrance and calming effect. A member of the mint family, this flowering plant does not need too much maintenance. Unless the environment is excessively humid or has too much moisture, you're good to go. It needs a lot of light so place it near a window. You can trim the stems after it has flowered as this process will promote new growth. However, be careful if you have a pet at home as this plant is toxic for them, according to Treehugger. So choose a location that will be out of their reach. If you're looking for a stronger fragrance, go for English lavender instead of French.


2. Gardenia

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I'm sure you are no stranger to this sweet-smelling flower which can keep your household smelling like a dream for months. The refreshing fragrance of Gardenia has earned the flower quite a reputation as it is used while creating many perfumes. Moreover, its gorgeous white flowers and lustrous green leaves help make a room more beautiful. But before you rush out to purchase it, remember that you have to put in a lot of care for the shrub as well. According to Gardening Know How, it is a tricky plant to grow as it requires close attention. It needs plenty of bright light, cool temperatures, and moderate humidity to thrive indoors. Water it when the soil is dry to touch, add fertilizers, and keep it from garden pests.


3. Jasmine

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Not every Jasmine flowering plant has a fragrance so be sure to know which one you're buying. Jasminum Polyanthum's flowers have a wonderful smell that diffuses across the room at night making you feel that you're somewhere in the tropics. Even the Azores Jasmine plant which blooms from spring through fall has a beautiful smell that is similar to Gardenia flowers. As for its care, the vine needs a lot of light to grow and bloom. It can withstand the temperature indoors unless it is too hot or too cold so be sure to keep them away from cool drafts and heating vents. Also, they grow well in a humid climate and only need water when the top half-inch of the soil becomes dry, according to Smart Garden Guide.


4. Scented geranium

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With a wide variety of fragrances to choose from, Geranium comes with its own unique fragrances. While some smell like apples, some mimic lemons, and even strawberries. The options may feel like you're choosing from a range of air fresheners, not plants. Now, these sweet-smelling plants have been divided into seven main categories depending on their fragrances. They are lemon, mint, rose, fruit and nut, spice, pungent, and oak. These unique plants need plenty of bright light when indoors and direct sunlight during the winters to thrive. Water them once every four weeks and let them dry out in between. During the winter months water them even less.


5. Lemon Balm

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The citrusy-smelling herb can be a bright addition to your home. Not only does it give off a crisp smell but is also a natural bug repellent. To enjoy its stronger fragrance, rub the leaves on your skin and take the smell with you. Lemon balm grows well with minimal care and fertilization, given it gets at least five hours of sunlight. You can move it outside during the warmer months, where it will attract bees but repel insects. Water it daily but keep the soil well-drained so it doesn't get soggy.







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