How Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller Kept Their Star-Crossed, Misfit Love Alive Despite differences — Until They Couldn't

How Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller Kept Their Star-Crossed, Misfit Love Alive Despite differences — Until They Couldn't

An intellectual writer marrying a Hollywood sex symbol - it fascinated people then, it fascinates us now!

When an intellectual left-winged, Jewish playwright married the sex symbol of Hollywood, the world sat up and took notice. Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller were so different from each other that the news of their marriage sent shock waves across the globe. She was a star who was considered the embodiment of sensuality and raw femininity and he was a politically inclined writer who struggled for years to finally gain success.

As different as they were from each other, their whirlwind romance and longing for each other made them look beyond their superficial differences and embrace the roaring emotions they had for each other. After all, differences can't keep you from falling for a person.


Miller met Monroe on the set of the 1951 movie As Young As You Feel when she was mourning the recent death of her agent and paramour Johnny Hyde, reports The Ringer. The first time he shook her hands he felt a special connection. "The shock of her body’s motion sped through me," he said.

Monroe, on the other hand, wrote about him in her diary, "Met a man tonight … It was, bam! It was like running into a tree. You know, like a cool drink when you’ve had a fever." While he felt deeply connected with her too, there was no denying they were completely different people from completely different worlds.

While the world kept thinking that a serious-minded writer could not understand or appreciate the essence of undiluted beauty, Miller and Monroe shocked them by tying the knot and accepting each other as man and wife in 1956.


The press dubbed it as the oddest marriage of the 20th century. They were called, "the Hourglass and the Egghead,” and one magazine dubbed their union "the most unlikely marriage since the Owl and the Pussycat." Even decades after their death, their uncanny fondness for each other and their marriage baffles people all around the world.

Well, in the words of Miller, it was with Monroe he started living his life. The Pulitzer Prize-winner said that all his life he has been working, it was when he met Monroe he started seeing life for what it was. A Hollywood charmer and stealer-of-million-hearts wanted to have Miller in her life as her husband and that in itself was a dream come true for him.


"For a man of 35, I seem to have done nothing but work," he remembered thinking. "When does one cease to work and start to live?" And he knew his time has come. The world always perceived them as misfits trying their luck at love together. But as a writer, Miller fell in love with not only her craft but her innate melancholy and brokenness. He saw Monroe not only from the eyes of a lover but also from the eyes of a human who empathized with her eternal pathos.

For a writer, nothing could be more blissful than having his muse as his wife. In a documentary, Miller recalled saying, "You’re the saddest girl I’ve ever met." A feeble but charming smile touched her face as she said, "You’re the only one who ever said that to me."

However, the crude reality of their different lives had not hit them yet. Bit by bit as they started to peel their lives off Miller understood that this is not something he could cope up with. The lavish and extravagant life of Monroe started to bother him. His wife's super public life with the press following her everywhere made Miller anxious and he quickly started to retract back into his life as it was before Monroe. Miller really started to back paddle when he saw Monroe's unruly and arrogant behavior on film sets.


As the relationship started to slide apart, Monroe confessed to a friend, "There is a part of me that is very ugly." It came from ambition and selfishness. "I've slept with too many men, that's for sure," reports Daily Mail.

"I want people to respect me and to be faithful to me, and they never are. I want to find someone to love me  -  ugliness and beauty and all. But people see only the glamour and fall in love with that, and then when they see the ugly side they run away. That's what Arthur has done," she also confessed.

As their marriages fell into shambles, Monroe saw her dream of a stable life shatter. But it did not diminish the respect that she had for him. As they parted ways after five years of a roller coaster ride, Monroe blamed her lifestyle for it. She knew that it was Miller who could bring calmness and emotional stability in her life. Miller too fell for this goddess and her divinity. But like most men in Monroe's life, he could not hold his ground and wrap his head around Monroe's lifestyle.


"I'm always on the wrong end of the lollipop," she said. Although their relationship saw a quick end, their romance lives on. It would not be wrong to say that Miller and Monroe taught the world that falling in love with the rough edges has the madness and craze that a romantic relationship should have.

After all, they did teach us that love is impossible to cage and bind in the stereotypical rules of society.




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