Relationship Test: The Way Couples Often Sit on the Couch Together Can Reveal How Strong the Relationship Is

Relationship Test: The Way Couples Often Sit on the Couch Together Can Reveal How Strong the Relationship Is

Whether you're cuddling while you sit on the couch or you're sitting at different corners, the signs are telling of how comfortable you are with each other.

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The small gestures in a relationship hold a lot of value. Whether you're just walking side by side or holding hands while walking, sitting far apart from each other or cuddling, the little things matter. As body language experts would say, each and every position and move gives a lot away about the state of your relationship. Something as simple as how you sit on a couch can be very telling. Whether you're close to each other or there is a disconnect, analyzing how you sit when together can reveal it for you.

A couple may, of course, adopt more than one way of sitting together at various points, but the key is in analyzing the ones that they adopt most often. Here are seven sitting positions on a couch that will tell you how your relationship is faring: 

1. Sitting on different couches 

Sitting on different couches

Most people in long-term relationships prefer sitting on different couches and it doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with this relationship. It's just how some couples prefer it. 

“It does not necessarily indicate any problems, but rather a couple that has grown used to each other over the years. However, the lack of proximity in this position can indicate that the couple has become indifferent towards each other, or possibly that they have fallen into leading separate lives," says body language expert Dr. Georgina Barnett to The Sun UK

2. Sitting with one partner's legs on the other's lap

Sitting with legs on the lap

The one who sits with their legs on the partner's lap is the controlling one in the relationship. They are, in a way, demanding attention and has the upper hand in the relationship at the moment. It usually shows a happy relationship where the couple is comfortable with each other, according to Daily Mail

3. Sitting side by side, touching but not cuddling

Touching but not cuddling

This shows a happy and satisfied couple. They know how to give space and still stay in touch. “They may not be in the first flush of passion, but they are connected and seeking to maintain contact with each other. Couples who sit in this position have confidence in the relationship and have a level of trust that allows for a healthy amount of space. There is intimacy combined with freedom," according to Dr. Barnett. 

4. Cuddling in the corner with legs tucked 

Sitting with legs tucked in

This position shows that one person is more dominant than the other. The one who has their legs tucked in is seeking comfort from the other. "The person in the corner tends to be the stronger one in the relationship, and the partner more submissive. This position is sometimes seen when one is insecure in a partnership, as they are to some extent adopting a fetal position," said the body language expert. 

5. Cuddling in the middle 

Sitting in the middle

This is a relationship of equals. This is a signifier of the best possible relationship phase. “There is equality in this relationship and a real connection – the main focus of being on the sofa is togetherness. This is often found early in a relationship where there is more of a need for assurance, and the passion is still very strong! If the couple’s heads are leaning together as well, this indicates an emotional as well as physical connection," says Dr. Barnett to The Sun UK. 

6. Cuddling in one corner 

Cuddling in one corner

While there is closeness in this partnership it also shows that one has more power over the other. The one spreading out in the corner is claiming more space, which suggests confidence and dominance. The partner sitting in the middle of the couch wants to be reassured and is almost clinging on, according to Daily Mail. 

7. Sitting on opposite sides of the couch

Sitting on opposite ends

This position doesn't bode well for the relationship. It indicates that all in not well and you have become disconnected from each other. “It usually indicates a couple that has become detached. Taking a seat at the opposite end from the other can be a protest behavior to try and make a point following a row," the body language expert said. 

When people sit on other ends when there is no conflict, it shows that the couple has "grown apart, especially if they used to sit closer together." It's more serious if both the partners sit with legs crossed "pointing away from each other.”