Fun Test: Look Right Into Someone's Eyes, and the Way They React to Your Eye Contact Could Reveal Their Personality

Fun Test: Look Right Into Someone's Eyes, and the Way They React to Your Eye Contact Could Reveal Their Personality

People unconsciously reveal their inner thoughts and emotions through their eyes, so they may not always be willing to make eye contact with you.

The eyes truly are windows into the soul, and they can reveal a lot about a person's emotions, thoughts, and state of mind, with just a glance at them. According to Psychology Today, we often look at the corners of people's eyes to see if they are crinkled in order to determine if they're really smiling or faking it. But what people often forget to look at are the pupils, and how dilated they are. When people are afraid, interested, or aroused by something in their environment, their pupils dilate as they try to take more light in. However, those aren't the only things that can reveal what a person is like. Often, how a person responds to eye contact can tell you a lot about their personality. The next time you're having a conversation with someone, look them in the eye and observe how they respond to maintaining eye contact, and note which of the following kinds of people they are.

1. They avoid all eye contact

People who avoid all eye contact with you are often shy or insecure. They are not comfortable in conversations with other people and may be dealing with social anxiety. Often, they're afraid of social interactions because they've had bad experiences with people in the past or are worried about making an unforgivable blunder. They find it hard to make small talk with people, unless they really trust them.

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These people prefer to get to know you deeper, and they're often not willing to make that commitment until they have grown to find you trustworthy. There may also be a lot of guilt driving them. They may have something to hide or a secret disdain for you they're afraid will show on their face. They may even find you intimidating merely by virtue of your confidence since they lack confidence in themselves.

2. They only occasionally make eye contact

People who only occasionally make eye contact are usually distracted or worried about something. They've got a lot on their mind, so they're not completely living in the present as they talk to you. They are also among those who have found a way to cope with their social anxiety. These people have a rich internal environment, and their minds are constantly filled with thoughts and ideas related to their conversation with you and it can be hard for them to keep track of these thoughts.

To them, holding a conversation is like diving into a whirlwind of ideas and wrestling the most important ones out, and presenting them to you. They've got a billion things on their mind, and if they keep looking around with their feet pointing away from you, they're looking for a break in the conversation so that they can escape from you. They can often come across as stressed or busy, and their calm demeanors often belie a beehive of activity.

3. They make eye contact most of the time, looking away occasionally

People who make a good amount of eye contact, only looking away occasionally, are the most natural conversation starters. They are self-confident and love talking to you, letting you know that they are interested in everything you're saying to them. They are comfortable with themselves, and rarely, if ever, feel out of place in social situations. They are not afraid to be open and honest, and they love to let people into their lives.

These people have much to share and love to share it with you, putting you at your ease as they subtly dissipate any tension that exists with their easygoing nature. They don't make an unnatural amount of eye contact, and they occasionally look away when they're trying to remember something related to what you're talking about. They don't allow stress to get the best of them, knowing how to take it easy when they need a break.

4. They never break eye contact

People who never break eye contact fall into one of two categories: those who are empathetic and those who are defiant. The empaths hate breaking eye contact, especially when you're pouring out your heart to them. They listen intently and sincerely and let you know that they're there for you and can understand what you're going through by maintaining eye contact. They express concern and kindness through their eyes, and this is a reassuring presence.

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On the other hand, there are people who see making eye contact as a challenge. They stare right back at you, trying to prove that they have nothing to hide, probably because they do have plenty to hide. They maintain eye contact almost as an assertion of authority, a sign of dominance. They're daring you to break through their stony exterior, but the truth is they're hiding a world of insecurity and hurt behind their mask, and they're terrified to reveal it.



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