This is How Stress Impacts People, Based on Their Zodiac Sign

This is How Stress Impacts People, Based on Their Zodiac Sign

Even when do the things we love but do too much of it, stress can get the best of us. Astrology can help us understand our triggers.

There is nobody who hasn't felt stressed at some point or the other. Some people learn to have a handle on it while others can get overwhelmed and lose their peace of mind. Knowing what stresses us out can help us improve how we cope with it too. While what our zodiac signs say about how stress affects us might not be the most definitive answers, it can sure hold clues for us all.

"Each zodiac sign possesses contrasting stress triggers from one another and they all have different ways of coping with this stress," Jordan Haiber wrote for women's health and wellness website HER. "By gaining some insight on your zodiac sign’s stress triggers, it might genuinely help you understand how to relieve this stress in a healthy way."

1. Aries

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This sign needs to do a lot of things, at the same time, and constantly. They are doers who don't always know how to relax, which can only be overwhelming for them. While they have the energy for most of what they pick up to do, even they will run out of steam sometime. You're also a natural leader and when you over-commit, you feel anxious and stressed about having to let people down, as per Astrology Answers. You can indulge in swimming or kayaking to relax.

2. Taurus

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You can be very stubborn in your habits and beliefs, and while that can come handy in some parts of life, this is a stressor for you. There is no harm in having some flexibility in life as it lets you adapt yourself to the moment. When you try to mold everything around you to your wishes, things get tricky. Instead, as a sign ruled by Venus, indulge in the worldly pleasures of good food, good wine, and great music to let out the steam. Give yourself a break as well because you need it.

3. Gemini

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Geminis are cerebral people who think and talk a lot, more so when challenged. You are like a swan whose pleasant beauty we see but the furious swimming below is missed. You are charming and can persuade people easily but when you are constantly in situations where you have to wing it, it can put you on edge. Apart from that, the internal monologue can get overwhelming too because sometimes you are unable to cut through the clutter of your own thoughts. You can instead gather facts and chart out your course to feel at ease, astrologer Vanessa Montgomery told Glamour.com.

4. Cancer

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You are a sensitive soul and are constantly overwhelmed by your own feelings. However, it might be hard to express them and bottling them up can lead to frustration, anxiety, and stress. "Untangle this mess and tell people how you feel when you’re feeling that way. Don’t let other people be the source of your security, either," Haiber advised on HER. "Protect yourself by connecting with yourself. Some deep meditation may really benefit a Cancer and be a great source of battling stressful times."

5. Leo

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It is important for you to control everything around you but that can be tiring. When you try to keep a hold on multiple things, it can be stressful and frustrating. You can't control the people in your life after all. For you, the way to let go of stress will be through learning that there is only a limit to the amount of control you can exert. While you love to socialize, you can assume the role of a leader and herding people can become your sole responsibility. The way to relax then would be to find things you can do solo.

6. Virgo

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Not only do you love to organize, but you also love to worry. Constantly. There is hardly ever an off switch for the number of concerns you have. You struggle with yourself about achieving perfection in all that you do. Instead, you will have to learn to go with the flow and not be as critical of everything and everyone around. "Maybe try doing something messy, something that is completely alien to your nit-picky ways," Astrology Answers suggested. "Doing something that doesn't require perfection will make it easier for you to leave your anxieties and frustrations behind."

7. Libra 

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A Libra likes nice things, peace, and harmony around them. If they have to do something unpleasant or are asked to make too many decisions, it can get frustrating and stressful for this sign. You can be a little too involved with the sensual pleasures and that can cause you to be distracted towards your obligations. So, when things don't go your way and you have to ask for favours or confront people, you can get frazzled. You will benefit from spending some alone time, away from people, and instead in lavish settings. Even if it is virtual.

8. Scorpio

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You are more intense than the other two water signs, Cancer and Pisces. You have a mask of mysteriousness you hide behind to protect your sensitive heart. So, for the most part you portray a calm and strong exterior until you can't and you explode. This makes it important that you express yourself often and consistently instead of hiding everything deep within. When you express gently instead of letting a crescendo build, your relationship with others is also likely to improve.

9. Sagittarius

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As a Sagittarius, you are mostly a lone wolf but you do enjoy people around you. However, when you over-commit to social events or towards work as well, you run a chance of burning out fast. As much as you like people, you also have periods when you just want to be alone. It bolsters your sense of freedom and adventure when you are able to indulge in something new all by yourself. Being able to experience it all by yourself without worrying about other people's needs can be truly freeing for you.

10. Capricorn

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When you take one too many responsibilities at work and at home because you don't like to not be useful constantly, you start getting stressed. That can come out in an unpleasant way nobody likes. However, if you learn to lighten up and just enjoy your time with others, you will be able to let go of the stress to a great extent. "You put unrealistic demands on yourself, and then get stressed out and beat yourself up when you don′t meet them," Astrology Answers noted. "Take time out just for you. Your friends and family are important, but you still need that time alone doing what you want, without feeling obligated to someone else."

11. Aquarius

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You like to think about the big picture quite a lot, which might mean that the abundant information about everything that is going wrong in the world can take a hold of you. People who are unaware of the issues plaguing the world or those who are unwilling to listen can be stressful for you. It might be hard to balance between the big picture and your personal daily life when there is negativity around. However, learning to balance and sometimes cut out unpleasant people might be the best way forward.

12. Pisces  

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You are someone who might go with the flow to maintain peace even when it is not the best way forward. Sometimes, you just have to tell people what to do even if it is inconvenient and that is what stresses you out. You love being liked by people around you and the idea of someone being miffed at you for any reason can be hard for you. The best way for you to find peace is when you isolate yourself and indulge in the things you love.





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