The Moon Phase on the Day You Were Born Reveals What Kind of Personality You Have

The Moon Phase on the Day You Were Born Reveals What Kind of Personality You Have

The moon has a lot of its own power. And it has an effect on the way we are as people, so the moon cycle you were born under can explain a lot of things about you.

The moon has remained a fascination for scientists, mystics, artists, and women on spiritual paths for eons. Something about its ethereal beauty and mysterious power has always intrigued us. Much like the sun signs, the phase and placement of the moon on the day of our birth have an impact on our personality. 

Many ancient religions have associated the moon with the feminine spirit. The 28-day cycle of the moon is closely associated with the 28-day menstrual cycle of women. Thus, the impact the moon has on women has been studied for decades by scientists and centuries by mystics and seers. In her book Moon Dance: The Feminine Dimensions of Time, Sioux Rose says the lunar cycle directly impacts our emotions and “energizes the collective unconscious," as quoted by Health Journal.

Author and intimacy expert, Michael Ra Bouchard, has written an article What Everyone Needs to Know About Women’s Mooncycles, where he says that the phases of the moon can make you go from a period of intense sexual energy to a sudden drop in it. With many experts linking the moon with different human attributes, the moon phase at the time of your birth can reveal much about your personality. 


You can find out which phase of the moon on your birth date here. Then pick the moon phase (below) that is closest to your birth date. 

1. Full Moon

Full Moon

If you were born on a full-moon day, then your life is all about finding your true self and following the callings of your heart. You have always felt that you were born for a purpose, and you spend your years finding that and expressing what you know you were "meant to do." You are also intense and passionate, and you are unafraid of powerful emotions. But as strongly as you feel for yourself, you also feel for others as compassion comes naturally to you. 

In relationships, you are likely to give more than you receive, and you are aware that this is not healthy for you. You are also likely to be moved easily by emotions, and at times, this can make your life feel chaotic and overwhelming. Taking a step back and practising some detached witnessing (watching the events unfold without judgement or fear), can help you deal with your emotions better. However, always remember, your feelings are your strength. You know that the heart is wiser than the mind, and the ancient wisdom of the moon can guide you if you trust your intuition. 


You never care to impress people, but you have a definite impact on almost everyone you meet. 

2. Half Moon

Half Moon

If you were born during a half-moon (first quarter), you are a true rebel. You know that strength doesn't come from being passive; you are unafraid to break old norms and follow a path that is uniquely yours. You are unafraid to rock the boat, and you care deeply about people who don't have a voice. While your rebelliousness is often aimed at breaking stereotypes and biases, you never try to hurt anyone.

You are a perfect blend of emotions and rationale. While you do feel strongly about certain things, you are willing to listen to the other side. Your strength lies in balance. You know that not everything is black or white. You have seen enough in life to know that there is no one rigid version of good or bad. Your personal struggle has also taught you that suffering can make you kind or make you bitter. And you chose to be kind, and not let the world's evils make you cold.


In relationships, you are often straightforward and direct. You don't like mind games and detest drama. But there are days you oscillate between two opposing sets of traits present within you. Sometimes, you find yourself being impulsive, carefree, and going with the flow. Other times, you find yourself deep in thought, wondering about the bigger questions in life. Your 

3. Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon

If you were born under the influence of the crescent moon, you are one of the most creative, intuitive, and gifted lots.  You have a strong sense of self and know what you want. There might be days you feel unsure of your true path, but your feisty spirit will not rest until you find the things that make your life meaningful. You are also highly imaginative and appreciate beauty of all kinds.

You are likely to have gone through powerful experiences as a child or teen, which led you to learn some tough lessons. This has made you wiser beyond your age. You tend to stay away from loud and fake people as nothing wins your respect more than authenticity. You look for others who might have struggles and stories similar to yours. Your emotional life is rich and vivid, and you are not afraid to show your vulnerable side to close ones.


You are also likely to inspire people around you, even if you are unaware of the impact you have on others. Although it is easy for you to communicate with people, you don't always share your pain or dark secrets with others. This may make you seem aloof like you don't care much about people or situations. But only a few loved ones know that this is your way of coping because you often care too much.

4. New Moon

New Moon

If you were born during a new moon, then much like this powerful lunar phase, you are unafraid of the dark and nothing can stop you from starting afresh and evolving to the next level. Your journey has seen many moments of darkness, which has made you unafraid of being alone. You know that no matter what, you can rely on yourself. But the dark moments have also triggered a restless need in you to discover new things, gain new insights, see new places, and explore new facets of life and yourself.


You feel a strong need to be close to nature, and loud people and places turn you off. You appreciate honesty more than anything else, and this also makes you detest hypocrisy and fake people. Having been through life-altering experiences, you carry the native wisdom that is closely associated with the moon. When you relate with others, you don't just hear words, but you pick on their feelings and unsaid thoughts. You are likely to be an empath as well.

One thing that makes you feel frustrated is lack of movement or feeling stuck. Your desire for freedom and independence is so high, that your love life may seem difficult at times. Learning to trust your partner and being willing to show your vulnerable side can bring you close to emotional intimacy that your soul longs for. Only those close to you know that you follow your heart and nothing can make you do things that are against your conscience. 






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