Does Your Partner Not Listen to You? Here Is the Best Way to Communicate with Them Based on Their Zodiac Sign

Does Your Partner Not Listen to You? Here Is the Best Way to Communicate with Them Based on Their Zodiac Sign

Knowing how to communicate with them will help you act appropriately in any situation.

Communication is the key to a successful relationship. While some of us might think that not reacting to a situation might be the right way to make our partners calm down, others might tend to dissect the situation and make it a complete analysis. Balance is the key to maintain an aura of mystery, yet ensure there is no misunderstanding or assumptions that can easily be sorted through a direct talk. 

While it is important to appreciate your partner for all their positive traits, at times we gain emotional intimacy by being honest about our feelings of fear, self-doubt, and insecurities.

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Each zodiac personality has a particular set of traits and unique styles of communication. If it has been hard to get through to your partner, these astrological insights might help you connect better.

1. Aries

One of the most distinctive features of an Aries is that they are expressive and do not shy away from conversations. In a relationship, they exhibit the typical qualities of an Aries; they like to talk in a straightforward manner and do not turn their back when you do the same. They expect you to be candid and honest about every aspect of the relationship and not allow your thoughts to suffocate you.

If your partner is an Aries, be honest with them and express your concerns frankly. Also, at times, it is okay to let them have the last word, even when you feel you are right. With the passage of time, this will make them see that you care enough for them and bring down their need to be right all the time. 

2. Taurus

Taurians have a reputation for being headstrong and a tad bit stubborn. The key to having a meaningful conversation with them is to let them open up and feel comfortable around you. Do not put them in a spot or push them to get answers. Patience and positivity are what you will require. The blame game and finger-pointing will not only bring the conversation to an immediate halt, but it will also shut them off to any possibilities of further conversations.

This doesn't mean you let the issues go unaddressed. Instead of focusing on them ("You never do things for the kids"), focus on the situation and how you feel ("I am really tired most of the days managing work and home. Can you please make sure you do x and y as discussed before?")


3. Gemini

A Gemini is fun-loving, emotional, and expressive. They like to emote and tend to listen deeply. But it is hard to have a Gemini be attentive during a conversation for long; they tend to get bored and distracted easily. Sometimes, it is normal to feel like they are disinterested in you because of their lack of ability to pay attention for long. Humor is a great way to get through to him. They appreciate your effort more when they know you value them enough. 

Have an open mind and pick the right timeā€”not when they are busy or stressed out. With a Gemini, you might want to work on the ambience and surroundings also. Consider a relaxed place with some music in the background and broach tricky topics with a light start.

4. Cancer

If your partner is a Cancerian, they are likely to be emotional, intense, and also unafraid of tough conversations. They are likely to feel overwhelmed due to their passionate heart. The best way to deal with them is to be a good listener when they speak and try to understand the feelings behind their words. Also, it helps to address the situation rather than make them the focus of the problem. You could always say things like "I feel sad/unappreciated when you leave without..." rather than "How can you be so insensitive and leave without..." 

Let them take their time to reflect and respond, they don't like to be rushed. 

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5. Leo

It's not a hidden fact that Leos have a super-sensitive ego, they also like to believe that they are right most of the time. When making a conversation with your Leo partner, keep this in mind. Do not say anything that might hurt their sense of pride and consciousness. Be friendly with them and let them know the agenda is not to put them down. This is not about you vs me, but rather us vs the problem at hand. Humor will help them see through their defence.  However, do not come across as unsure; be clear and articulate. Leos do not like grey or mellow conversations that lack logic.

A crucial thing to keep in mind is that you can't sway a Leo by playing the victim, they also do not like public spats or dramatic conversations.

6. Virgo 

The best way to have a meaningful conversation with a Virgo is to be patient and empathetic. Give them time to open up about their insecurities and complaints, do not judge them or come to a one-sided conclusion all by yourself. Having said that, beating around the bush will not help you cement a conversation with them, be objective and articulate, but give them enough space to explain their thoughts.

A Virgo partner will criticize you curtly, more often than not, but that should not close doors between the two of you, it should be taken as feedback and worked upon.

7. Libra

Under any given circumstance, a Libra will want to achieve equilibrium and reach a sweet spot. If your partner is a Libra, do not rush them into making decisions or stress them to respond right away. They will take their time to contemplate the situation and come up with a solution that will help both of you. Also, keep in mind, aggression can never help you have a sane conversation with Libra. They are pleasant human beings, who want to keep their distance from negative emotions.

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8. Scorpio

Scorpios are passionate and intuitive, they understand the underlying tones of a conversation better than you expect. They tend to delve deep into their partner's psyche without giving out clues that they know more of your emotions and thoughts than you express in words. So the best way is to be direct and straightforward with them. They appreciate honesty, even if the truth can hurt a bit.

Also, be specific and objective. They also appreciate privacy. So ensure you have tricky or awkward conversations with them indoors. Scorpios are highly emotional and passionate people, so they might tend to lose their cool often. The best thing to do would be to get away and let them cool off before you both are ready to talk in a more relaxed mood. 

9. Sagittarius

A Sagittarius loves change and takes delight in evolving into better people. This is a great trait to have as they will be more than willing to know your side of the story and be open to change if you present it to them in the right way. They are also known to be flexible and adaptable, so talking to them about why things are not okay or why things can be better with a few small changes will be more effective than complaining and pointing fingers.

Having a solution-focused approach is more effective with them than a problem-focused approach. Also, they enjoy remaining positive and feeling good about life. The more you engage in happy conversations with them, the more open they will be about the not-so-positive or difficult topics.

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10. Capricorn

Be aware that Capricorns have a very thoughtful and tender side to them, which mostly remains well-wrapped under their distant or aloof appearance. They might come across as emotionally unavailable and unapproachable, but they do this to protect themselves and their heart from emotional pain. Nothing appeals to them better than compassion. If they know you care for them genuinely, then they tend to be more open and receptive to what you have to say. 

Be calm and gentle in approach. But it isn't enough to be nice; when having tricky conversations, be armed with logic and rational explanations. 

11. Aquarius

If your partner is an Aquarius, you need to prepare yourself well in advance. Aquarius tends to be non-conforming, rebellious, and a tad bit edgy. So the typical textbook ways of communicating just wouldn't help. Instead, the best way to get through to them is to give them their space and time and let them open up to you at their own pace. Never pressurize them to talk as this will make them all the more defensive or resistant to what you might have to say. A good way to win over their trust and attention is to listen to them talk and express their feelings. When they feel heard, they tend to listen more attentively.

12. Pisces

Pisces folks are imaginative, intuitive, and emotional. The single most important thing to consider while conversing with a Pisces is to be delicate and tender in your approach. Choose your words and mannerisms very carefully because if you come across as too hard or aggressive, they will withdraw immediately. They are also very romantic, pick an appropriate place and time to have an important conversation. Watch your tone as they pick on this more than the actual words you say. They also appreciate physical gestures of affection, which makes them more open to verbal inputs.

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