What's the Secret To Making Perfect Creamy Scrambled Eggs? You'd Be Surprised

What's the Secret To Making Perfect Creamy Scrambled Eggs? You'd Be Surprised

Scrambled eggs might be the easiest dish, but making them creamy and fluffy is definitely an art.

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"How would you like your eggs?" is a question that we come across quite often and scrambled eggs are usually a crowd favorite. Why? Well, they're creamy, feel luxurious on toast, and are comforting in a way that is hard to explain. It feels like a warm hug is all we can say, don't you agree?

You can even toss in some cheese or bacon to this simple dish, and it will only amplify the taste. And everyone's got their own secret for making it yummy. Here are some ways to get the perfect scrambled eggs.


1. Whisking the eggs right

Believe it or not, air is an important ingredient to prepare fluffy scrambled eggs. How? When you whisk the eggs with a wire whisk or a fork just the right amount, the air gets incorporated into the mixture, evenly distributing the protein in the eggs. The protein molecules then firm up while cooking and form air bubbles, resulting in fluffy, spongy, and well-mixed scrambled eggs.


According to Land O Lakes experts, "Well-beaten eggs are described as frothy and evenly colored... Over-beating destabilizes the protein molecules, resulting in eggs that are rubbery instead of fluffy."

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2. The right pan and spatula

Using a good quality nonstick pan will bring you one step closer to preparing the perfect scrambled eggs. According to food blogger Lindsay, "The pan... is key. Please use a high-quality nonstick. It’s the easiest." She says that a rubber or silicone spatula is a "must" as "the flexibility of the spatula allows you to hug the contours of the pan and get a really clean swipe/fold each time you push the eggs around." Looks like more than the pan, the spatula holds the secret to getting the creamiest eggs!


3. Use fresh, good eggs

Just like food blogger Marla Meridith, many chefs have stressed the fact that the fluffiest or creamiest scrambled eggs can be achieved only with good eggs. "When making Perfect Scrambled Eggs, it is best to have the freshest, organic eggs possible." Then working on the eggs as you whisk it, it's bound to give you creamy, light, and fluffy eggs.


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4. The egg yolk-to-white ratio

This is something you wouldn't have come across unless you're familiar with Modernist Cuisine's founder Nathan Myhrvold. According to him, when the ratio of egg yolks is more than the whites, it gives you better color, texture, and flavor. In his word, "For every two whole eggs you scramble, add one extra yolk and you'll dramatically improve, the color, flavor, and texture."


5. Adding the salt at the end

When Chef Gordan Ramsay has a pro tip for creating perfect recipes, we can trust him without a doubt. Sometimes, it's because we fear he might suddenly appear in our kitchen, telling us how we're not following his order. Anyway, he says that the tip to achieving the perfect consistency of scrambled eggs is not to add salt at the beginning, because that tends to make the eggs watery. Keep moving the eggs on and off the pan while keeping the stove at medium heat. This way the eggs remain creamy. And adding in the butter right at the beginning while it's still soft and not hot gives it a "velvety texture".


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6. Add goat cheese or crème fraîche

Food blogger Lindsay has another tip for us all... add goat cheese. Instead of adding milk or cream in the beginning she asks us to add goat cheese or crème fraîche in the end. "Toss a piece of goat cheese into the eggs, stir once more to melt it a little bit, and serve your eggs on a plate with your salad," she says. And the result? Tangy and creamier scrambled eggs.

7. Serve the eggs on a warm plate

According to Chef Alton Brown, the key to earning appreciation for your scrambled eggs lies in one little fact: is the plate warm or cold? As per his recipe, you have to make sure you serve the eggs on a warm plate or they will get cold pretty soon. "As soon as no more liquidous egg is running around the pan, kill the heat and gently transfer the scramble to the warmed plate. Let the eggs rest for 1 minute to finish cooking before serving."

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Ok then, all we need is some toast now. And bacon! Ooh, yes, bacon.