Husband Devastated After DNA Test Proves He and Pregnant Wife of 8 Years Are Half-Siblings

Husband Devastated After DNA Test Proves He and Pregnant Wife of 8 Years Are Half-Siblings

"I am afraid what this means for us and our child," said the man after finding out that the couple shares the same biological father.

While most people are looking for the kind of love that will last a lifetime, some of them luck out and find that one person who they know will be with them through the good and the bad times. But sometimes, they have to face situations that will truly challenge them. For one couple, the mistakes of their parents threatened to destroy their entire future.

The devastated 24-year-old husband took to Reddit in late 2019 to speak about the discovery which has caused them to have to think about what to do next. While they have been together eight years, this is a big blow for them.  He said, "My wife (25) and I have recently discovered that we share the same dad. We have been together for 8 years and married earlier this year. We own our own home and we're expecting our first child in March 2020. Our bio father is still alive but we don't want anything to do with him because of this and because he was a shitty person."

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With the first sentence being the shocker that it is, the man goes on to explain how he and his wife found out. He mentioned that the reason neither his nor his wife's mother mentioned their father was that he "did not remain in our mothers' lives for long."

Continuing, he said "Neither of our mums named him on the birth certificate as the father and in my wife's case she knew her mum's longterm boyfriend as a father while I gained a stepdad. Our parents do not know this and we aren't even sure if we should say anything. I will not disclose how we found out but I suppose I just wanted a bit of closure and her mum (who is one of my close friends) admitted to me at a rough moment that her daughter's dad was XX and how he was etc and this combined with other info made it clear. We have had a private DNA test taken and the results suggested we were half-siblings."

Despite the bombshell the couple received, the husband mentioned that "our feelings for each other have not changed and we do not want to split. We have known each other since starting school and been through some hard times together." However, when talking about their future with their child, they didn't know what to do. "I am afraid what this means for us and our child, if that means he will have any health complications in life, my wife doesn't believe in abortion personally and does not wish to terminate her first pregnancy (nor do I want her to) so we mean to see it through and hope for the best," he said. He added that the one good thing is that there is no history of any illnesses from either of their mother's families "so hopefully that is better luck than some."

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The husband is also aware that incest is a crime and is truly worried about what could happen if he and his wife were to be found out. "I am terrified that we could be found out if anyone looked into our histories or if they (I heard they do this) take a DNA sample of our son for genetic testing to make sure he has no health problems and what could happen to us. I am not even sure what to do, except maybe ensure that we do not have more biological children even if our child turns out without a problem just to be safe and adopt or something instead. I don't want anyone to find out so I am keeping info to a minimum and I will not let anything separate us and neither will she. What could happen to us, what can/should we do, should I just bury it?" he asked netizens.

He got some answers from helpful Reddit users. While some warned him of the legal implications of the situation, some others empathized with him and his wife. One user said, "I don't have legal advice. I just wanted to say that this is such a shite situation and I hope you're both dealing with it as well as possible," while another commented, "I just wanted to comment and say I’m so sorry for this situation you’ve found yourself in. Also wanted to say that re DNA testing when the child is born, they do a heel prick test and perform a few tests - which will show any genetic/health issues."


Disclaimer: This article is sourced from a user post on Reddit and we do not know for sure the authenticity of this information.





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