Devoted Husband Plants Thousands of Scented Flowers for His Blind Wife, Just to Bring a Smile on Her Face

Devoted Husband Plants Thousands of Scented Flowers for His Blind Wife, Just to Bring a Smile on Her Face

She had withdrawn and isolated herself after she lost her vision suddenly, and the change in her usually sunny personality broke her husband's heart. So he covered their garden with thousands of sweet-smelling flowers that bring a smile to her face every spring.

Sometimes, when life throws curveballs at us we are at a loss at how to cope. But, the power of love always keeps surprising us. People are capable of doing wonders for a loved one.

What this man did for his life partner of 30 years was so incredible that people from across the country come to be a part of it.


After a woman lost her eyesight at the age of 52, her husband made sure she could still experience spring with the senses available to her. He planted a carpet of scented pink flowers around their house to give her a reason to smile. The couple, Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki, have been married since 1956. The happy couple had two kids and were living as dairy farmers in Shintomi Town of Japan since they got married.


They have worked hard all their lives and had begun planning for retirement in their 50s. After doing hard physical labor every day tending to 60 cows all their lives in the same place, they wanted to see more of their country, which includes mountains and seas and cities. They were going to travel around Japan but sad;y, after 30 years together, she lost her eyesight rapidly in a space of a week due to complications with her diabetes, RocketNews24 reports. This was an unexpected setback to their well-deserved plan.

The couple was devastated and Mrs. Kuroki withdrew not just from the farm but also became depressed and isolated. She was heartbroken that they won't be able to go on their trip as planned. The devoted husband wanted her to cheer up and kept thinking of ways to get a few friends and family to visit her every day, according to Telegraph UK. He couldn't see his cheerful wife depressed. One day, he saw a pink shibazakura flower in his garden and realized that not only was it amazing to look at but also had a lovely scent.


So, to see her happy again he planted more of shibazakura flowers by the thousands in two years. He started with the front door initially and his wife started coming out of the house. This was a decade ago and the beautiful pink garden lives on, attracting more and more people every year. As many as 7,000 people show up on a single day during spring, according to Metro UK.


If you're lucky, you will spot Mrs. Kuroki walking in the garden with her husband with a beautiful smile on her face, all because her husband made sure that she would not be lonely. People actually hope to meet the elderly couple and speak to them, because how often do you hear of such love stories in real life?


While Japan's Cherry Blossom or Sakura blossom in the springtime is world-renowned, people in Miyazaki Prefecture come to see what has now become a tourist spot. This floral display and their love story draw many people every year during the time Sakuras blossom in Japan.

Everybody hopes of a love this great in their lifetime. They may seem like simple people, but still waters run deep after all. Today, their garden is famous across the world.






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