Husband Reveals Final Texts From Wife Before She Was Killed in St. Francis Mass Shooting | 'I’m so scared'

Husband Reveals Final Texts From Wife Before She Was Killed in St. Francis Mass Shooting | 'I’m so scared'

Her husband, Beau Glenn, reminds others of the importance of family and friends and to 'always say I love you' to them.

Trigger Warning: This story contains details of death and gun violence that may be disturbing to readers. 

Amanda Glenn was loved by many. “She was always the first person to offer help. The first person to help and the last one to leave,” said Glenn’s sister-in-law, Kristin McPherson, according to Tulsa World.

Glenn, who worked at Saint Francis Health System was looking forward to coming back home on June 1, 2022, after work, but she never did. Soon, her family was informed that Glenn was among the victims of the mass shooting on the campus. The deceased woman is survived by her husband, Jonathan “Beau” Glenn, and their two sons, Gabe, 18, and Ian, 16.

Glenn, 40, worked in Dr. Preston Phillips' office. He was also killed, and had been the gunman’s primary target, Tulsa police said. 

Before her unfortunate death, Glenn texted her husband to tell him that she was "scared."



In the messages, Glenn told her husband there is an active shooter in her building. “I’m so scared,” she said before her husband tells her to hide under her desk or in her boss’s office. She told him that even though she was hiding under the desk, she could hear shots being fired. She then added that 911 was not answering. When he asked her for the name of her building, she told him it was "Natalie Medical."

That was the last ever message Beau got from his wife, per Fox23. He shared pictures of their last conversation on Facebook. 

“I want everyone to know the last words we had and why it’s so important to love one another and always say I love you anytime you’re leaving for any reason,” said Beau. He said he shared the messages because “I need everyone to understand how important in life family and friends truly are.”

Glenn was one of the four people who was shot and killed. She had worked in Phillips’ office for the last several years but had worked in the medical field for nearly two decades. “She loved being in the medical field and helping people,” McPherson said. “She was just always putting other people before herself.”

Beau and Glenn had been married for 19 years they had known each other much longer, “probably since middle school,” McPherson said, adding that they “had never spent a night apart.”

“As a mother, she was always there at her kids’ games — just a big-time family person,” family friend Jeremy Wolfe, who has been friends with Beau since they were kids, said. “In fact, we used to joke that she was my second wife, and my wife was Beau’s second wife.”

McPherson said Glenn “loved her boys — Beau and their sons. Just so much love.”

I want everyone to know the last words we had and why its so important to Love 1 another and always say i love you anytime your leaving for any reason. She our Angel and now she has Wings!

Posted by Beau Glenn on Saturday, 4 June 2022



“She was always smiling and happy — the type of person who never had anything bad to say about someone,” she said. “She was always positive and just full of joy.”

Wolfe said Glenn “was a wonderful person — loving, caring, fun to be around, outgoing. She was just a normal, all-around good person.”

“You could always use her company,” he said. “You don’t come across those types of people that often that you can associate with and enjoy their company and never get tired of them.”

Now, the family is “just trying to process what happened” but they’re “surrounded by lots of friends” at her and Beau Glenn’s parents’ house, McPherson shared. “Sand Springs has just stepped up to support us all,” she said.

“We’re just trying to make sense of it, and it doesn’t make sense.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to try and raise funds for her funeral and other expenses. 





Cover Image Source:  Facebook ( Beau Glenn) | GoFundMe

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