20 Illustrations That Show How a Good Man Supports and Respects His Wife Through All the Ups and Downs in Life

20 Illustrations That Show How a Good Man Supports and Respects His Wife Through All the Ups and Downs in Life

At the end of the day, words can sometimes mean nothing. But it's certain actions that can prove a partner's sincere love.

Source: Yehuda Devir's Instagram

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on April 17, 2020. It has since been updated.

Relationships are a lot of work, there's no doubt about that. It takes effort from both partners to make it a healthy one, a task that requires a lot of patience, commitment and dedication. Not to mention, there has to be mutual respect, trust, support and love to truly deepen the connection between two people. So while you may put your heart and soul into this bond, you need to know that your partner has your back too and that his love for you is genuine.

Sometimes, a verbal declaration isn't enough though. Actions are louder than words and the gestures your partner makes can tell you whether he's truly in it for the long haul or not. This becomes even more complicated once you become a mother because now the responsibilities are divided and it's in this crucial time that you need your partner by your side. And artist Yehuda Devir shows just how a good man supports and respects his wife, especially after she brings their baby into this world.


The Tel-Aviv-based illustrator, comic artist and character designer who creates adorable relationship comics about life with his wife, Maya, has shown just how he contributes to making her life a little bit easier as a mother. After the birth of their daughter Ariel, the One of Those Days illustrator demonstrates how he pulls his weight around the house and takes up responsibilities to lessen the burden on his wife's shoulders. Here are 20 of those illustrations that make us all want a partner like him:

1. Even in his exhaustion, he makes sure his wife is comfy



2. When arguments don't leave a dent in their love


3. He's willing to bear the pain because it's only a fraction of what she went through during birth



4. And this is part two of sharing the pain


5. He doesn't leave his wife taking all the short-range mouth missiles from their daughter



6. He's equally as involved in documenting his daughter's life as his wife


7. He gives in to his wife's "little" indulgences



8. They understand that they both need their own time doing their own things


9. He takes every part of fatherhood seriously... the good, the bad and the vomiting



10. He still shows his wife that physical intimacy is important


11. He'll go the lengths to make sure that his wife and daughter are comfy



12. He'll take the kicks... though he might not be the happiest about the bruises


13. He trusts his wife with all aspects of him


14. He also trusts her to fight off anything that could hurt their little girl


15. He'll share the responsibilities... with his own twist


16. He'll stay up with the baby so that his exhausted wife can get some rest


17. He shows her that her body changes hasn't dampened his desire for her


18. And no amount of insane bedhead will change his love for her


19. He understands the pain and strength required for a mother to leave her newborn child for some time


20. He understands her priorities as a mother and will do anything to make her feel safe


While not all couples might show their affection in this way or have partners that are as expressive, those who truly care about their significant others will end up showing their love through small, unique gestures. You just have to notice them.