12 Honest Illustrations That Show How Couples in a Mature Long-Term Relationship Fight and Make Up

12 Honest Illustrations That Show How Couples in a Mature Long-Term Relationship Fight and Make Up

Who doesn't fight with their partners once in a while, but how you resolve it says a lot about the health of your relationship. The ones who have been with each other for a long time know that their love for each other is stronger than this momentary conflict.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on July 25, 2019. It has since been updated.

If you think that the only way to live "happily ever after" is to never fight and always agree with each other, then you're mistaken. Even the best of couples have a fight once in a while. Harsh words are said, voices are raised, and tears flow, but as long as the couple knows how to resolve their fight, it's alright. One of the key secrets of having a successful relationship is not going to sleep angry, according to longterm couples. But, is it really possible to do that?  Sometimes, fights get dragged on for days until one of the two takes a step forward. But, when the "making up" happens, everything feels okay again.


Every couple has a different rhythm and work out their problems in their own way. It's like a sigh of relief when both of you are ready to talk and make amends. It doesn't feel like there are dark clouds over you anymore. Even while resolving the fight, sometimes tears flow as real feelings come out. All that you had bottled up comes pouring out because you want your partner to know why you got angry.

Here are some illustrations that show how a strong couple fights and then resolves their issues:

1. When even a fight can't keep you apart



2. Sometimes, it takes a lot of strength and courage to say sorry


3. Even a fight can't stop you from loving each other



4. When you don't want them to change even if it hurts


5. When the metaphorical Olive branch makes her fall in your arms



6. When you can't stand to see each other sad


7. Sometimes, the things you fight about make no sense



8. When everything about them annoys you


9. But, it's all good when he hugs you



10.  Even when you fight, you need to feel bonded


11. He drives you mad with the little things, but you let them go



12. When he's angry, but wouldn't leave you behind