20 Illustrations That Show How a Supportive Partner Can Heal You and Help You See the Good Things in Life

20 Illustrations That Show How a Supportive Partner Can Heal You and Help You See the Good Things in Life

When you're feeling down and low, having a great partner by your side can make all the difference in the world.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on July 10, 2019. It has since been updated.

Everyone has a few days when they feel too low and don't know how to pick themselves up. When you have a cheerful and supportive partner, those low days also turn to highs. We all hope for a person who would understand us completely and be by our side through thick and thin, especially the thin. If you're someone dealing with mental health issues you won't have to bear the burden entirely alone, as your partner is there every step of the way. All humans thrive when you show them kindness and accept them the way they are. 


Those in happy marriages build a culture of respect and appreciation very purposefully, psychologist John Gottman told The Atlantic. The happier couples look for things their partner is doing right and express their gratitude. When you have a person who makes you happy by your side, the struggles, internal and external, may not seem that hard to overcome. Knowing that your partner has your back is a great feeling. 

An artist, who goes by the pen name of 'lunarbaboon' on social media, has been sharing how his wife is always there to support him. Here are 20 illustrations that will warm your heart: 


1. When she says, "I think you're great"


2. When she shows you the marvelous things 



3. When she influences you to be amazing in return

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4. When she's just awesome 



5. When you just want to do things for her


6. When she is always honest with you 



7. When you realize you care more about her happiness than being right 


8. When she's always thankful no matter what you do

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9. When she breaks down your walls


10. When both of you want the same things



11. When she can recognize your dark moods easily 


12. When she is always appreciative of you  


13. When she thinks you look good no matter what


14. When you don't have to wear pants around her 


15. When she's always ready to talk it out


16. When she's the best friend you could ever want


17. When you love spending time with her 


18. When she sees the molehill that you think is a mountain


19. When you just love being cozy with her 



20. When both of you agree on how to parent