I'm an Introvert and Here's How You Know That You've Pissed Me Off

I'm an Introvert and Here's How You Know That You've Pissed Me Off

Is it too much to ask to give me my space? If it is, then you'll piss me off and here are the signs to watch out for.

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Being an introvert, it's actually not too hard to keep me happy. As long as you leave me to my devices or respect my space or boundaries, we're good. I don't put myself out there very often, obviously, so I trust very few with my true emotions and self. But if you have somehow managed to actually make me angry despite me trusting you, then you'd better watch out because I hold that anger very close to my heart, and with good reason. I know it can be hard to identify when you've done so, especially since it's difficult for me to tell you. However, let me give you a few tips on how to know whether you've really crossed the line with an introvert:

1. I won't be picking up your calls anymore

If you've pissed me off, then being anywhere near you stresses me out. I'd rather not deal with you at all and that means I won't be answering any of your calls. Be ready for me to cut you out of my life unless I actually forgive you for what you did.

2. Don't expect more than a monosyllabic answer from me

I'm not like an extrovert, to express my anger. When I'm pissed, I shut down and trying to get me to talk is a feat in itself. But if I have no choice but to interact with you, then I will do my best to say as little as possible. It's my way of saying, "go away." And if I really do have to talk to you, I would rather do it over emails or texts — no face to face involved.


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3. I will be indifferent to you and everything related to you

I might look peaceful on the outside, but inside, I'm boiling. Making me mad will shut me down and in turn, I just stop caring. If you hear me say "whatever", then you know it's a sign. Especially if I stop caring about things I was once enthusiastic about. And I will direct this apathy towards you.

4. I choose my work over you

My work is my escape from interacting with someone who has pissed me off. And I'm quite happy to do so. I don't want to spend any more time with you than I absolutely have to. I have better things to do.

5. I spend more time with your pets than with you

Pets don't judge and they don't need to talk. They're quite happy to sit in silence. But if you're my friend, then I'd spend more time with you than with your pet. If you've pissed me off though, you'll see me interacting more with them than you.

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7. I won't be asking you for help

Usually, I can do things on my own and I'm cool with that. But I know that if I really need it, I can ask those I care about for some help. Not if you've angered me though. If you have, I won't care if I'm limping, but I won't take your aid. 

8. I will get enraged over small matters because I've kept my anger bottled for so long

It's not easy for me to get angry but if I do, it's just as hard for me to express it. And if you've pissed me off, I won't show it immediately. It'll end up building and then bursting at one point over a small matter.

9. I have a fake smile on my face and I pretend everything is okay

I'm not the greatest at revealing my painful feelings. So, I will pretend like everything is okay. I know that the moment I release my anger, I will end up having to conduct long-drawn-out conversations with you about our emotions. I don't have the time or inclination to do that, so I plaster a fake smile on my face.

10. I want to be left alone

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I just want to be left to recharge on my own. I get exhausted by confrontation and high-stress environments so I just want to be alone for some time. If I am happy, I wouldn't need to stay away from other people. But if you make me mad, I just want to be by myself.


It's really not that hard to adhere to my boundaries and space. I'm actually quite an easy person to be around when I know you respect and trust me. But be warned if you do the opposite because I will cut you out without too much thought.

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