6YO with Down Syndrome Helps a Hassled Mom by Cuddling Her Crying Infant, Who Calms Down Instantly with the "Baby Whisperer"

6YO with Down Syndrome Helps a Hassled Mom by Cuddling Her Crying Infant, Who Calms Down Instantly with the "Baby Whisperer"

He may have what others might call a "defect", but to his family, he is one of the sweetest and most nurturing people out there.

Some people are just born with the innate ability to calm others down. The aura that comes off them can make anyone feel at ease, safe and loved. They intuitively know when someone is struggling and almost without hesitation, will do their best to help them. 6-year-old Welles Peterson is definitely one of those people and his family has known this since he was born.


Born with Down Syndrome in Salt Lake City, Utah, he has the special ability to seek out those who need a little extra tender, loving care. And his empathy is as natural as breathing, something that comes in handy, according to Good Morning America. It's what earned him the name "baby whisperer", a well-deserved moniker that circulated on the internet after a recent video that went viral.


His mother, Oakley Peterson, had been tasked with watching her neighbor's new baby, Alek for a while. However, no matter what she did, she was unable to calm the fussy baby down. “Alek would not calm down. Nothing I did would calm him,” Oakley told GMA. Enter Welles. When the 6-year-old asked to be next to him, his 33-year-old mother didn't refuse. "He asked to hold Alek and within seconds, the baby calmed down," said the mother-of-three.

In her Facebook video of him that went viral, she wrote, "I could not get our buddy, baby Alek to calm down yesterday. Welles climbed up into the chair and said, 'Mom... baby?' with his arms stretched out. At that point, I decided he had tummy bubbles and I would let Welles just give him a quick love and then I would go back to rubbing his belly. As soon as I handed him over, he calmed. Welles sat and cuddled him, taking his job of baby whisperer very seriously, as I sat watching, thinking yet again... man, this kid is magical!"


While others might be amazed at this little kid, Oakley and the rest of Welles' family is not very surprised by his talent. The mother said that it's just a part of who he is and is one of the many gifts his Down Syndrome brings to their family and friends. Recounting another incident, she said, "At every family reunion or big dinner, he finds the person struggling. My sister was pregnant and knew her baby would pass away shortly after birth. Usually, I can't get Welles to sit still. But he would just sit with her and hold her. He knows how to sit with someone in their grief."


Now, while her sister's newborn has been in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for over four months (at the time of this article's publication), the "baby whisperer" has been his aunt's "rock," his mom said. And this is where life comes full circle because when Oakley had just given birth to Welles, he too had been admitted into the NICU. Both of them were shocked at his diagnosis of Down Syndrome but then something clicked.


“When we were in the hospital when he was in the NICU, I just knew that he had this mission of positivity to spread,” she told People. “We were still processing and dealing with a lot of shock, but I just kind of knew – even going through the process of mourning the loss of who I thought I was having – I could feel the specialness from him and this crazy, unconditional love, and I just knew that there was something about him that I needed to share.”


Well, sharing his story and his beautiful personality to the world garnered 67,000 shares and more than 627,000 reactions. And people wanted to share their love, support and their own stories. One user said, "People with Down Syndrome are a gift. Every single one that I have met has magical powers. They are so happy and its infectious. They bring joy and peace to everyone! So full of love. This is just another example of how precious and powerful they are!"


Another user commented, "So precious! Welles is just calm and has no worries, baby Alek can tell that so he is calm with no worries! This is so Sweet! Welles definitely has that gift and is very handsome also!"

So, what did you think of this beautiful 6-year-old's ability and talent?





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