Prankster Grandpa Tricks His Family One Last Time | Tells Them to "Hello, Let Me Out!" from the Grave on His Funeral

Prankster Grandpa Tricks His Family One Last Time | Tells Them to "Hello, Let Me Out!" from the Grave on His Funeral

The Irish Defence Force veteran wanted to make sure that he made everyone laugh even after his death.

Funerals are a sombre affair. It is the one last time loved ones get to say goodbye to the deceased soul.  But mourners of a particularly cheeky man, Irish Defence Force veteran Shay Bradley in Ireland, were left in tears of chuckles and hearty laughs. The veteran who was a lifelong prankster decided to trick them one last time and boy did he succeed! Knowing how sad they would be on his funeral, held on 12 October 2019  in Leinster, he decided to crack them up in the most original way possible. 

The deadly plan involved him pre-recording a message, which was to be played at the funeral. And when the final day came and the mourners gathered around his grave after the casket was lowered to the ground, they heard a knock followed by Shay saying, "Hello, hello. Let me out. Hello, it’s f#cking dark in here." The voice came from the coffin and it took people a few seconds to figure out what was happening although a few broke into a chuckle right away. The voice continued, "Where the f**k am I? Is that the priest I can hear?" and that did it—his folks doubled with laughter, according to the Independent.

"This is Shay I’m in the box. No in f#cking front of you. I’m dead," he added, continuing, "Hello again, hello...hello ,I just called to say goodbye."


He even broke into a tune as his voice mumbled from the grave teasing even the soberest of them to break into a giggle. Bradley made sure his loved ones had a good laugh while bidding goodbye to him four days after he passed away, October 8, after a long illness. His daughter shared that a speaker was set up on the ground near the coffin so that his last prank could be a success.

Andrea, his daughter, described it as "the best send-off for an incredible man." On Twitter, she shared a picture of Bradley, adding, "What a man.... To make us all laugh when we were incredibly sad..... He was some man for one man.... Love you forever, Poppabear."


"My dad's dying wish, always the pranksters, ya got them good Poppabear 😉 and gave us all a laugh just when we needed it!! I will love you forever 😘😘#shayslastlaugh" she said on Facebook while sharing the video. 

Since the day shared the video on social media, many people got in touch with her about it, and the positive response has warmed their hearts as they continued to grieve for him. 

“Myself and my Family are overwhelmed with the Amazing response and comments we have received regarding my dad's funeral, he truly is a legend and was the most amazing man!!! He would be overjoyed to know how many smiles and laughs he has given to everyone. Thank you all,” she wrote, according to Fox News

Bradley’s granddaughter, Chloe Kiernan, was quoted by the Independent to have commented, "All he ever wanted was to make people laugh and smile and that’s exactly what he got."

Irish Defence Forces Veterans’ News had initially shared the video, to which they later added saying, "Was asked a question the other day, it was what’s the difference between military humour and civilian humour. it’s simple it’s black. This video should say it all. This is the funeral of Shay Bradley on the 12 of October 2019 and it says it all…" 

The hilarious message left behind by Bradley was probably his way of showing the people close to him how much he loved them, even after he left the earth.




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