It’s Not That I Don’t Feel Pain Anymore, I Just Don’t Let It Break Me

It’s Not That I Don’t Feel Pain Anymore, I Just Don’t Let It Break Me

I am unbreakable, not because I no longer have doubts or difficult days, but because I choose to carry on despite them.

Even with a broken heart, I have still learned to carry on. I may break down behind closed doors, I may have battles that nobody else knows about, but none of that is going to keep me from staying strong and resilient.

I know that every woman can be unstoppable. There is a part of her that makes her unbreakable and she can put up a strong fight against any challenge. But that is NOT because she no longer feels as deeply as she used to or because she no longer feels the same kind of pain. She will still feel it all, but she won't let it get in the way of her. And I have finally found that part inside me.


I still have my doubts, I still experience failures and I still have my own share of dark days. But none of that is going to pull me back. I choose to continue moving forward despite all of that.

One of the greatest lessons that I learned is that anything in my world can change within moments. Relationships, people, work, life, everything; just because something in my life is absolutely wonderful, it doesn't mean that it will stay that way forever. And this has taught me to enjoy those simple pleasures and big moments, too. I have learned to appreciate the beauty in everything and not be shattered when things go my way.

Even though problems might catch me off-guard, they no longer tear apart my entire world. I will never let the pain consume me entirely. Instead, I will make sure that every bit of my emotional strength will come together to push me forward. Not only have experiences like these shown me the immense courage that I have, but it has shown me that I can rise above pain. It has shown me that a failed relationship or a heartbreaking experience are not the things that define me. What defines me as a woman is that I'm a fighter and I always will be.


There is nothing I'm afraid of anymore. I am not afraid of making the first move or chasing after what I believe in. Because I know I have nothing to lose. Forget the risks and forget the odds. I'm not worried about failing, because at least I will not hold myself back from trying. Whatever the outcome may be, I know that I can overcome it if things don't go my way.

I no longer worry about being vulnerable. Even if pain comes my way, it cannot swallow me and leave me in misery. I will always pick myself up, put the pieces back together and move on stronger. If my heart is broken, I will give myself time to heal. And that's when I become more confident in myself and believe in myself even more.


So if you think you can cause me pain, know that it won't stop me. Ever. I will still rise even if I have to carry the scars with me.

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