The 7 Essential Things That Can Make a Healthy Relationship Last Long

The 7 Essential Things That Can Make a Healthy Relationship Last Long

Anyone can enter a relationship. But it takes true grit, hard work and these seven things to make it healthy and long-lasting.

Finding the right partner is a tough job. Once you do find them though, maintaining a healthy relationship for a long time is even tougher. But as much work as it is, it's the secret to achieving this is more simple than you might realize. With both of you putting in the effort, it's these seven factors that can do wonders for your relationship and keep it going strong. 

1. Intellectual compatibility

You and your partner don't necessarily have to agree on everything or have the same ideas all the time. But it doesn't hurt if you and your partner are on the same intellectual wavelength. Being able to discuss anything and everything when both of you have interesting opinions or are willing to learn from each other can certainly spice up your relationship and forge a strong bond. You won't get bored with each other, something that will come in handy as you grow old together. In some ways and for some couples, this type of stimulation might just be more enjoyable than physical closeness.  

2. Communication

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When you hear a couple say that they never fight, don't take it as a good sign. Being able to confront and express feelings, no matter how heated, with your partner indicates trust — one of the pillars of a healthy and strong relationship. You genuinely want to hear the concerns of your partner and together, solve the issues to keep it from becoming toxic. You might not realize it, but every time you truly listen to what your partner is saying, you show them they matter and that you are committed to them. Soon enough, this feeling will help turn your arguments into a peaceful conversation with a solution that satisfies both of you. 

3. Honesty

No relationship can survive based on lies. However, those built on the foundation of brutal honesty creates a framework of trust that not much can break. And this honesty and trust breeds respect — something that is critical when it comes to your partner. Love is a powerful force, but without respect, it can not be maintained. Respecting your partner and their wishes shows that you care about what they mean to you in the relationship. But it's important to note that if you are honest and the relationship breaks, it was probably not meant to be. Have faith in your honesty. 

4. Patience

It's natural to want your partner to do certain things your way in the time that you want. But it's not always going to happen and you need that patience in you to control your urge to make them bend to your will. After all, you see them as a partner, not as your worker. The more you are patient with them, the more they feel reassured that you love them enough to give them time to adjust to you and your patterns and needs. In the process, you also show them that they can trust you to not judge them for being who they are. Soon enough, you might even see them coming around to your lifestyle without pressure from you. 

5. Compromise

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A relationship only works when both the people involved make it work. And with both partners wanting to fulfill their needs, it becomes extremely important to remember that sometimes, you have to compromise your own needs in order to satisfy your partner. It indicates a sense of commitment and dedication to the relationship, with the trust that your partner will do the same for you. However, you should be able to recognize the difference between sacrifice and compromise. Too much of the former can cause you to lose your identity and give up on your needs. The latter though can help ensure that both of you are happy thus leading to a happy and strong relationship. 

6. Understanding 

Before you came together, your partner lived a certain way, in the same manner, you had your own upbringing. He was molded by his experiences before he got into this relationship, same as you. It is for this reason that through communication, you build your understanding of the kind of person they are, so that you can adjust to them the way they do to you. Differences aren't bad and your acceptance of his can help increase the trust in the relationship. They'll know that you've got their back and are willing to listen to what they have to say. They can be themselves around you. 

7. Sex and physical gestures

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Those flames of desire aren't the only thing that strengthens the bond between you and your partner. It's those small touches, the warm hugs, the little acts of kindness that go a long way in bringing you two closer together. Making your partner feel special is important to you because it shows that they are safe and loved by you. A small peck on the cheek, a cuddle on the sofa, or sitting next to them as they watch a show while you read book — all of it contributes to a healthy relationship. You're essentially telling them that you acknowledge, choose, genuinely want and truly love them. 

This article is based on insights collated from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.

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