January 10 Will See the First Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of 2020 | Which 3 Zodiac Signs Will Be Affected the Most?

January 10 Will See the First Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of 2020 | Which 3 Zodiac Signs Will Be Affected the Most?

This full moon is also known as the Cancer moon which means our emotions will be at an all-time high.

The first full moon and lunar eclipse of the new decade is all set to take place on January 10, 2020. Since it's ocurring in Cancer and Mercury, it will enable us to dig deep into our hearts and bring out the most intense emotions to the fore. Communication and empathy will be the ruling factors of our characters and we are most likely to be more vulnerable and open than we have been, according to horoscope.com.

With Cancer in the spotlight, it is safe to submit that relationships, intimacy, bonding, and, family ties are likely to get attention here. Also, Mercury will play a role in making us more vocal about our thoughts and desires. We will start communicating in a more open and lucid way which will enhance transparency in relationships and eliminate all spaces of doubts and apprehensions.

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While it is said to have an impact on all signs, there are three specific signs that will be affected by the first full moon and lunar eclipse of the year. Cancer will, of course, experience a significant impact during this time. Other signs that are known to be communicative, expressive, and artistic may also notice a remarkable depth and intensification in their innate qualities which could, in turn, make them more in touch with themselves and things beyond.

Here are the signs that will be affected most by the cancer full moon:

1. Cancer

Cancer is ruled by the moon. The moon is the celestial body that governs our moods, emotions, reactions, etc. Its innate calmness is said to instill a sense of compassion, empathy, romance, and patience in Cancerians. The full moon in Cancer could make you highly creative, expressive, artistic, and compassionate. So when the Cancer moon affects a sign already governed by the moon, you can expect magic.

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Cancerians are known to be patient with people and in trying situations. You strive to stay away from negativity and spread undeniable tranquility wherever you go. That being said, you also like to be reserved in your shell and protect your composure. But the cancer full moon this January will prompt you to come out of your shell and explore your being to the fullest. It could also help you forge a better and never-before-experienced relationship with your inner self.

As a result of the moon's prowess, you might feel the urge to effortlessly express the innate qualities you are known for. Also, give yourself the credit and appreciation for what you are and what you represent. At the end of the day, you are the moon-child!

2. Aries

That Arians have an artistic soul is common knowledge. What you need to discover is how bright your eclectic soul shines this time when the moon is eclipsed. Not to mention, that the qualities of Cancer will also reflect through your already creative soul. However, with so much going on in your mind and soul, you may find it a little difficult to find a neutral spot that balances everything out.

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While you are creative and expressive, these traits could carry you too far from rationality. With the moon shining in your fourth house of home and foundation, you may need to take a step back and pull yourself away from whatever distracts you frm the harsh realities of life, especially when it comes to work and relationships. Try to allot separate timings for both these aspects and give your thoughts a break for some time to strike a balance in your life. However, that in no way means that your artistic soul has to take a back seat, let your inner bird fly while also having a safe nest on the ground.

3. Gemini

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You're a true wild child. Fleeting thoughts, crazy imaginations, and pretty words are how you like it to be. You know how to blend in different groups, all thanks to your dual personality. That also means that you understand and empathize with people who may not share the same vibe as yours. You are an expert communicator and one of the most emotionally intelligent zodiacs. But there are times when you are so engrossed and invested in emotions and emotional longing that you cut yourself completely from the materialistic aspect of your life.

With the moon circling your eighth house, it is important that you treat money and material with seriousness and sacredness. At the end of the day, as long as we want to thrive in our lives we do need the support of materials. But that does not mean that you will frantically chase material comfort because that is not your nature; your nature is optimism and emotions. But it is imperative to attach value to what brings us physical comfort in the world, too.



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