Massage Your Way to Firm and Younger-Looking Skin With the Tanaka Face Massage Technique | Benefits of Facial Massage

Massage Your Way to Firm and Younger-Looking Skin With the Tanaka Face Massage Technique | Benefits of Facial Massage

The massage technique is simple and can be done anywhere, by yourself and at any time with visible results.

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After a long tedious day, our body demands relaxation. While some prefer sleeping or lying down, others take the relaxation a notch up and prefer a massage. But did you know that massaging your face can also help in not just relaxing but also toning and firming your skin?

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According to Healthline, face massages have a rejuvenating effect on the skin which not only helps relax the muscles but also makes you feel calm. Have you ever gone for a facial and ended up dozing off? According to Julia Baba, face massage relaxes tense muscles and so you tend to sleep, as reported by Elle Canada. Baba is an aesthetician with The Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto.


The length of the massage depends on the type of skin as well. While normal to dry skin, require no longer than 20 minutes, oily and acne-prone skin require just 10 minutes of massage as too much stimulation may lead to breakouts, and we don't want that, do we?

Regular facial massages also help increase the circulation of blood and oxygen which provides a natural facelift. Baba says, “More blood flow to the area increases collagen production, which gives a healthy and natural glow to the complexion.” It also helps in absorbing products better into the skin. Do you know what this means? No matter what creams or serums you use, high-end or natural, a few minutes of massage can help the skin absorb it better. 


While there are several massage techniques around the world, the Tanaka face massage is one of the most effective and popular ones. This anti-aging massage technique was created by 63-year-old Yukuko Tanaka. If done properly, it can help revive your skin and show visible effects within two weeks, according to The Green Creator.


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The technique is developed to mainly stimulate our lymph nodes. The specifically choreographed motions of the massage help flush out waste from the lymph vessels, reduces puffiness, and makes the face firmer, according to Massage Gear Guru. It's crazy to think that just a little massage can make such a big difference. A few minutes from ears down to the neck and collarbone has the potential of relaxing and making your skin smoother.



Ever noticed how the skin looks a bit puffed and less firm some mornings or over time? It's because of water retention in the Parotid lymph nodes. Found in the front and back of our ears, they have the ability to affect facial skin. It not taken care of, they can cause the skin to swell.


According to facialist Lisa Franklin, "We have lymph nodes all over our bodies and their purpose is to drain fluid from the tissue in the skin and transport it back to the bloodstream, however, if there’s any kind of obstruction then fluid will build up (aka water retention/puffiness)," as per Women's Health.


With the Tanaka technique, it's very simple to reduce any visible swelling on the face. The movement of pushing your cheeks in an upward direction while massaging helps in reducing the extra fat and cellulite present in the area, giving you a chiseled face. A firm hand while massaging will provide you with better results.

According to Massage Gear Guru, the firmer your hand is while massaging, the more it will stimulate the muscles. A massager would work well too. This will in turn increase circulation in the area. Don't forget to massage your nose as it helps to lift the skin around it.

Though the massage appears to be easy, the art to excel it and get the required results is by applying the right amount of pressure while massaging. The pain experienced from the massage shouldn't remind you of the whole day's painful work, instead, it should be the right mix of soft hands and the only the right amount of pressure you can bear.

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It takes a while to learn anything, the Tanaka anti-aging massage technique is the same. In the beginning, the relaxation of the muscles will help you sleep more soundly, and soon, it will improve your blood circulation giving a natural contour to the face. The firmness of the skin on your face will reduce the visibility of the fine lines and wrinkles, giving an illusion of a younger face.