"Roommates Since 1994", Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox's Emmy Night Reunion Shows What True Friendship Looks Like

"Roommates Since 1994", Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox's Emmy Night Reunion Shows What True Friendship Looks Like

The three stars from the show "Friends" are still pals in real life and show up for each other during the important moments in life.

Good friends stick together and show up for important moments in each others' lives. They stay by our side no matter what and hold our hands during the toughest times. They become the shoulders we lean on and the source of laughter during the good times. Having good friends makes us happier and feel safe as well because we know we have someone to lean on.

On the night of the 72nd annual Emmy Awards, half of the Friends (1994-2004) cast hung out together to show support to one of them who was nominated for a different show. It became a reunion of sorts as Emmy nominee Jennifer Aniston was joined by Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. The women hung out together on this special night while the Emmy Awards was being hosted, according to People.com.

Aniston, 51, who was nominated for her leading role in The Morning Show, initially helped host Jimmy Kimmel present an award early in the show and then rushed home before her own category, outstanding lead actress in a drama series, was announced. She said that she "barely" made it when host Jimmy Kimmel, 52, asked.


Kimmel had lighted the winner's envelope on fire to "sanitize" it. "That's a little extreme, Jimmy," Aniston told Kimmel when he sprayed the envelope with disinfectant. "You never know where these accountants' hands have been," Kimmel quipped. "Now it goes into the basket and we light it up." Aniston had to try multiple times to put the fire out before they announced that Catherine O'Hara won the leading actress category for a comedy show, according to People.com.

Later, after she made it home, Cox was also on the call with Aniston and joked "of course I’m here, we live together." Aniston added, "We’ve been roommates since 1994, Jimmy". She referred to the year the NBC comedy Friends premiered. Then, Kudrow, 57, also walked into the frame, asking Kimmel, "Where else would I live?"


"I don’t know, with your family, maybe?" Kimmel said, to which Kudrow joked, "Yeah, like people live with their families. That’s funny." 

Another "roommate" surprised the audience at that point. One of Aniston's closest friends, Jason Bateman, who was not part of the sitcom, showed up then. He had earlier tried to crash the Emmy show by arriving at the Staples Center, where Kimmel was hosting it.

"Oh, look who it is, the host with the most, rudeness! You call to kick me out of my own house, too, freak?" the Ozark star said to Kimmel, who had asked him to leave the Staples Center auditorium because of the pandemic.


When Kimmel expressed his surprise that Bateman was also present with Aniston, she joked that he lived with her, but "just until he goes off to college." She encouraged Kimmel saying, "By the way, you guys are killing it, this is so great!" She added, "We’ll be watching! Dinner’s ready, we’re DVRing it."

Aniston has had Cox, Kudrow, and Bateman by her side through the years as she went through the different ups and downs, including a very public divorce from Brad Pitt, in her life. They have been her pillars through it all. Since joining Instagram, Aniston has shared images from her personal life and most of those fun moments included her friends. Whether it was Thanksgiving dinner or her birthday, she makes sure that her friends are with her.


Her first image on Instagram was a reunion photo of the Friends cast which showed that she had stayed in touch with the guys on the show too. Recently, the six of them, which includes Matt Le Blanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer, announced that a Friends reunion was in the offing.


HBO Max’s planned unscripted reunion special featuring the main cast of the show has unfortunately been delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. They have been unable to shoot the physical production of the reunion and filming dates are yet to be determined, as per Variety.





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