Jennifer Lopez Celebrates Turning 50 with Powerful Message: "You Don’t Get to Write Women off at a Certain Point in Their Life"

Jennifer Lopez Celebrates Turning 50 with Powerful Message: "You Don’t Get to Write Women off at a Certain Point in Their Life"

Hollywood hasn't always been kind to actresses who have crossed a certain age limit. But JLo defied that. "I’m a woman, I’m 50 years old and I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere." Her message to the world is loud and clear.

Jennifer Lopez is a woman of many talents and one who can turn heads the moment she walks into the room. And she recently turned 50! A stunner with a fit and toned body, you could never guess that she just celebrated her 50th birthday on 24th July in a huge star-studded bash in Miami, according to Good Morning America.


The singer, dancer and actress recently spoke up in her It's My Party tour video blog about why she wanted to mark the big day in such an open and grand way. Especially considering there are many women who aren't always okay with disclosing their age. The stigma around aging, more so for women, still runs strong in today's day and age, but Jennifer isn't standing for it.



According to Metro UK, she told the new issue of ES Magazine, "Did I think I would be doing this at 50? I didn’t think I’d stop, but I didn’t know that it would be the best moment of my life. We’re conditioned to think, as women, that it would be over by now. And the truth is, it’s not like that at all. I find myself growing and getting better every year and that’s exciting."


And she feels even more confident in her skin than ever before, as the mother-of-two told Us Weekly. "I see pictures of myself in my twenties and go, 'Oh, I look better now!'" she said. "I embrace who I am. I feel sexy, I feel youthful, I feel pretty sometimes!" But not everyone shares the same self-assurance which is why they were shocked when she decided to announce her age.



"Everybody thought I was crazy when I wanted to go out and let everybody know that I was 50," she shared in the tour video. "That was something -- they were like 'Why are we highlighting this, again?'"


"But for me, it was important," she continued. "It was important as a woman to do that -- to let people know that you don’t get to write women off at a certain point in their life."
"You don’t get to write people off," she added.


That wasn't the end of her message though. "You’re getting better and better as you go, so long as you are open to the experience of growing and evolving," she shared. "Until we started the show, it just seemed like a fun idea to me to have a party all summer... that it would be so much fun to celebrate my fiftieth birthday in this way."




Then she began to realize while this was the message she wanted to spread, it meant even more for her fans and other people. “I didn’t realize that in just being myself and being unafraid to say that to the world: I’m a woman, I’m 50 years old and I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere, was gonna mean so much to so many people,” she shares.


At the end of her video, she concluded with one final message, reported People. She said, “Here endeth the lesson … and the journey. Be your best authentic self. That’s the key to happiness, to love, and to making the world dance … again.”


And her confidence about her age isn't just visible to her. “For Jennifer, turning 50 is something she is embracing,” a source close to Jennifer told People. “She is in the best place in so many ways. Her family is doing well, her career is still fun for her and she is very excited about planning her wedding to Alex.

Well, we wish her all the best for her upcoming nuptials and to keep rocking her age. 

Watch the full video of the tour blog here: