Jimmy Fallon Wept So Hard When He Proposed to His Wife of 12 Years That She Thought He Was Having a Stroke

Jimmy Fallon Wept So Hard When He Proposed to His Wife of 12 Years That She Thought He Was Having a Stroke

Talk show host Jimmy Fallon has got it good with a beautiful wife and two lovely children, but the smart and sassy man almost didn't get the girl.

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is known for his funny and engaging presence. But when it came to one of the most important moments of his life, he was a nervous wreck — much like any other person. Not in a bad way though, it was the immense happiness he felt that made him emotional and give in to those feelings. The important moment was the time he had to propose to his wife. 

The late-night show host met Nancy Juvonen, 52, on the set of his film Fever Pitch in 2004. The film was being produced by Juvonen and Drew  Barrymore, who was also the leading lady. They fell in love with each other after meeting on the set but they had a hiccup in the relationship. While Juvonen lived in California, he lived in New York. They spent a few years in a long-distance relationship before the 45-year-old host realized that she was the one, according to Daily Mail.

Once he had realized this, he started thinking about the perfect way to propose to her. So, he picked one night when she was going to visit New York. "I wanted it to be romantic and perfect," he recalled.  He had a plan but she surprised him with a reservation at legendary restaurant Per Se, according to People. The first reason he thought about not doing it at the restaurant was laser tag, and it made perfect sense.


"I didn’t want to propose in Per Se because what if one year it moves locations," Fallon explains, "and years later I’m going to have kids and go, ‘Your mom and I got [engaged here]. I know it’s a laser tag place but at one point it was a very fancy restaurant.’ "

They enjoyed 14 courses at the restaurant and with each course there was wine. “I was bombed out of my mind. Wine came with every course… So I waited another three months," he said.


Eventually, he found the perfect place to ask her to marry him. A place she has a million memories in — her family home on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire. They went in August 2007. This was the second time he was trying to ask her to marry him.

"I went out to the dock and said [to myself], ‘Don’t cry. Let her cry first,'” he says. “I’m a pretty mushy guy… and I just wanted it to be perfect. I got down on one knee and I immediately [started weeping].”
“She’s like, ‘Are you having a stroke?'” Fallon recalls. “My face was like I was smelling burnt toast.”


Even though he was so emotional and the moment did not turn out he had wanted it to be, it worked. "She said yes and we celebrated and it was fun. The rest is history," he said.

They got married on December 29, 2007, on Richard Branson's Necker Island in the Caribbean. The couple, married for 12 years now, have two daughters together, Winnie Rose, 6, and Frances Cole, 5.


On their tenth anniversary in 2017, Fallon shared a photo from their wedding, according to Today, and had a funny caption to follow with it. "Honey, remember when the wedding photographer made us pose for a romantic sunset kiss?" wrote the talk show host. "That was 10 years ago! Happy Anniversary!"


The one-time Saturday Night Live cast member doesn't shy away from sharing photos of his adorable family with the world.





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