7 Exercises to Reduce Stiffness and Increase Mobility in Tight & Aching Joints

7 Exercises to Reduce Stiffness and Increase Mobility in Tight & Aching Joints

Our joints tend to become stiffer and less fluid in motion as we age, but doing some exercises can help.

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As we grow older, through our life experiences, we learn a lot of things. Not only does our mind evolve, but our body also undergoes certain changes.

According to Medline Plus, as we age, noticeable alterations take place in our walk and posture along with the skin and hair which is quite common. Women after menopause experience these changes more effectively because there is a loss in their bone mass density, which leads to weakness and slower movements.


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The bone structure of our entire body is affected because of the mineral and fluid loss, so, the joints become less flexible and rigid. In most cases, the mineral starts depositing in joints, most commonly seen in shoulders. The hip, knee, and finger joints become stiff as well. Ever head the cracking sound when you bend down or get up from a chair? Well, that's your bones just trying to feel free.


Long hours of sitting in one place can also affect your joints. It's best to attend to these initial problems as soon as they've been noticed. But you don't have to suffer through it all your life. As if the world isn't hard enough to survive in, we don't need another reason for it trying to push us down. Get up on your feet and take the challenge of making your joints move as much as possible, so let's get your joints moving, shall we?


Here are seven exercises that will help you unlock your bones.

1. Walking regularly

According to Everyday Health, just going for a walk every day can help ease the pain in your sore joints. As regular walking can help in the healthy reduction of weight, it helps reduce stress levels as well. Along with cardiac benefits, it helps in improving bone health too.


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2. Cycling

Cycling is another way to make your all your legs' joints become less stiff and more fluid. Going for regular rounds not only helps in keeping your body fit but it also freshens up your mind.

3. Shoulder rotation

Now, shoulder rotations are easy to do. All you have to do is stand straight with your arms by your side, according to Get Healthy Stay Healthy. Without moving your entire arm, just rotate your shoulder forwards around ten times and repeat the process by moving them backward this time. That's it! That's all it takes to make your shoulder work better.



3. Wheel pose

Also known as the Chakrasana, this yoga pose not only helps in opening up your joints and improves flexibility, it also helps in strengthening the arms, abdomen, wrists, legs, shoulders, and chest, providing you with toned muscles, according to Mind Body Green.



4. Three-legged downward facing dog

According to Do You Yoga, this pose is well-known because it is both a stretching exercise as well as strengthening. It not only helps in the inner and outer hip to stretch, but it also helps in improving balance. Watch the video and learn.



5. Side lunge

This exercise is a savior for all those who have a stiff hip joint. As you move your body in a twisting motion from side to side, it helps in stretching the inner thighs, develop balance, strength, and stability. If you're worried about cellulite on your body, this exercise will take care of it, according to Healthline.


6. Happy baby pose

This pose helps in releasing tension in the hips and stretches the hamstrings plus the inner thighs. It also helps in relieving lower back pain, stress, and fatigue. Basically, after this exercise, you'll feel exactly like a baby, calm and free of any tension, according to CNY Healing Arts.


7. Triangle pose

It helps in opening up the chest muscles and shoulder joints. It also strengthens the legs by stretching the hamstrings, according to Very Well Fit. It helps open up rigid hip bones. As you regularly practice this pose, it improves the balance and stability of the body.