21 Illustrations That Capture the Daily Moments of Love and Companionship in a Marriage

21 Illustrations That Capture the Daily Moments of Love and Companionship in a Marriage

From fighting over the bathroom to dealing with household chores and finally welcoming a baby together, this couple's life together is couple goals.

Source: Instagram (Jude Devir)

Yehuda/Jude Devir is an illustrator who makes funny and endearing comics about life with his wife Maya. The couple recently became parents to baby girl Ariel. He became popular a long time back when he started showing the world about the cute moments about being married. More recently, he showed us his glimpses of living with a pregnant Maya and finally the birth of Ariel.

The little family is a delight to see with their quirky moments over "operation ovulation," cleaning the house, doing laundry, or even being scared over a cockroach. They have fought for bathroom time, committed Netflix infidelity and sung out during road trips together. They annoy each other but are also supportive towards each other and the illustrations capture all of this. 

Here are some illustrations that will give you a glimpse into this small and happy family:

1. When Maya made a "grand" meal


2. When she helped him get in shape


3. When Maya "quietly" took care of a cockroach


4. What showering together feels like


5. You know she's always got your back



6. When Jude was too shy and conscious


7. When Jude wanted a makeover


8. When being close had a different meaning altogether


9. When they do everything together, including sleepless nights 


10. What being with your soulmate feels like




11. When she refused to give up


12. When sharing a bathroom is the worst


13. The most important operation: Ovulation operation


14. What ovulation week actually looked like


15. When the operation became successful


16. What pregnancy actually looked like


17. How Maya liked to workout when pregnant


18. The first time the baby kicked


19. When the water just broke


20. Labor day


21. Welcoming baby Ariel