Behind Julia Roberts' Chirpy Smile Lay Hidden A Painful Past of Emotional Abuse At the Hands of Her Stepfather

Behind Julia Roberts' Chirpy Smile Lay Hidden A Painful Past of Emotional Abuse At the Hands of Her Stepfather

The smile on her face, holds a thousand stories of horror behind it.

A smile that has enchanted millions across the globe for decades now. A smile that is one of the most popular smiles in the world. A smile that has the innocence of a newborn's. Who would have thought this smile hides behind it, horrors of past and stories of constant abuse? Who would have thought Julia Roberts' had an abusive childhood?

An old picture of the Oscar-winning actress created quite a buzz when the truth behind it surfaced. According to Daily Mail, Roberts suffered through a horrific childhood at the hands of her abusive stepfather. The photo that shows her posing for a family photo with a pretty smile drawn on her face, standing right in front of her stony-faced stepfather is proof enough that courage is her second nature right from her childhood days.


The actress has never spoken about him publicly. But she is said to have "feared and despised" her alcoholic father Michael Motes who made her family's - which included Julia, her mother and her siblings - lives miserable with violence and abuse.

Motes and Roberts' mother Betty were married for 11 years from 1972 to 1983. Betty parted ways from Motes citing "cruel treatment" in her divorce petition and she has also gone on to confess that her marriage was "the biggest mistake I ever made," reports Daily Mail.


While the Pretty Woman actress has never spoken anything about her father, her brother and Runaway Train actor Eric Roberts has gone on record to call their stepfather "abusive" several times reports Mirror. "It was common knowledge where we grew up that Motes was a freak," Eric said once in an interview, according to The Hollyweird Times.

As per Daily Mail, Motes is living only 13 miles away from the family home he abandoned over three decades ago. The world has forgotten the man who raised one of the biggest superstars of our time.

Mail Online revealed that Motes, a retired antique dealer, now lives with his male partner Timothy Raasch and is a volunteer minister at his local church.

However, when quizzed, he refused to open up to any of the allegations that have been put on him, he instead revealed, that he is writing a book that will clear off "misconceptions" and tell his "side of the story."


"I do not give interviews. I don’t have to justify my answer, the answer is no. I won't talk at this time," he said to the Mail. "I didn’t then (when the allegations first came out) and I do not now. There are a lot of misconceptions. I’m writing a book about my life that will tell my side of the story," he added.


The happy family photo where Julia and her siblings are seen posing with their mother Betty and Motes hides the painful truth. Julia lost her biological father, Walter Grady Roberts, at the tender age of 5. Eight months after his demise Betty exchanged vows with Motes and thereafter, he was the only father figure in Julia's life. He continued to haunt their entire family with various forms of abuse until Betty and he finally parted ways.


Julia Roberts is undoubtedly one of the most successful Hollywood actresses of all time. With her charming face and awe-inspiring performances, the mother-of-three has made the entire world her fan. She is also known to take some fearless decisions in her personal life. Now that this side of her life has been revealed, we know that Roberts is made up of the kind of metal that makes the world bow down to her.





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