The July 2019 Solar Eclipse Will Lead to a Huge Internal Shift | What It Means for Your Zodiac Sign

The July 2019 Solar Eclipse Will Lead to a Huge Internal Shift | What It Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Eclipses are a time of new beginnings and saying farewell to old patterns that may have been carried down from ancestors even.

Solar eclipses are all about new beginnings and unexpected chances. It affects an internal shift first, since the moon (which symbolizes the internal world) will obscure the sun (that represents the outside world). And, it is time you prepare for one such shift soon, as a solar eclipse is set to take place on July 2 this year. A solar eclipse is a time when many people realize they want more in life and send out cosmic invitations for abundance to enter their lives, according to Allure

This year's total solar eclipse will be in Cancer. The moon will block the sun and it will be visible from the South Pacific Ocean, Chile, and Argentina. Rest of South America will be able to see a partial eclipse, according to Yearly-horoscope.

This makes for a very intense July that can cleanse you of your cosmic baggage and patterns that date all the way back to your ancestors. The eclipse will be a grand moment for leaving the past behind and give yourself closure for better times ahead. 

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Soon after the solar eclipse, there will be a partial lunar eclipse on July 16-17 in Capricorn. This Cancer-Capricorn eclipses will affect everyone. But some people will feel it in full force. In case, your lunar nodes are in Cancer-Capricorn or Aries-Libra it will be a wild ride for you. Lunar nodes are the North and South nodes of the moon. Both are directly opposite on the chart. For instance, if your north node is in Capricorn then South will be in Cancer, according to Astrostyle. So, these eclipses will bring wild changes to your life if your nodes are in either of the earlier mentioned signs. 

However, even if your nodes are not in these signs, you are still in for a bumpy ride. Eclipses will activate planets in cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. So, if your sun, moon, or something else, falls on the cardinal signs, you will witness a major change in your life. You can find out where it falls on your birth chart here

This is how the four cardinal signs of  Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will be affected: 


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This is the time for you to step up on your responsibilities towards healing your family, foundations, and issues from the past. This is also a good time to rethink your professional path as you could feel some tense situations on that front. If something is not working out professionally, there is a reason for it. It is time to identify what's not working and focussing on the strengths to have more success. You will also be expected to attend to issues that arise with family, children, and creative partners, according to Oprahmag.


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This is a time to take better care of yourself. Give yourself time to heal yourself. Instead of keeping yourself busy with too many important projects, which will be difficult to finish, have a more flexible schedule. This is the right time to invest in yourself and treat time like the precious commodity that it is. 


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This solar eclipse will bring with it a lot of financial gains this year. So, look at investing in business opportunities or other things that people you care about bring to you, according to Horoscope.com. You can fund projects and they will bring gains to you.


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This is a time for a bounty that will lead to your personal growth. With so many things vying for your attention, your ability to set boundaries will be on trial. However, if you can move past these it will be your biggest blessing at the moment. Your victories currently will be rewarding to a great extent. You could face communication issues about financial issues and other ways you choose to reorganize your life. 


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You will chance upon a situation that could change how you think in an intrinsic way. You will see mental blocks clear away but don't be hasty in judging things. What you think is a challenge could be a lucky break, which will encourage you towards having more vitality, energy, and support from others.


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You will be given an opportunity that would give you information about your longterm future. A friend or colleague or someone in your network will bring you a deal or project that you could become a part of. This will be the big break you have been seeking but it won't come easily. You will have to step up and show courage. 


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This is a time for major professional changes for you. These changes will stay with you for years since eclipses are the times of beginnings and endings. You will lay to rest the old and go forward with the new for years. So, choose wisely as your future happiness depends on it. You could find it difficult to communicate with friends. 


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This period is a time for you to exclude longterm plans from your life that you are not fully committed to. There is no point in spending energy on things you don't want to. So, save your time and energy for the more important things in your life. Communication on the professional side will need attention. 


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You will recognize your financial weaknesses. So, take steps to protect your assets. You will have more chances to make money over the next six months. You will have to be attentive and bold to bag that lucky break when it comes along.  


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It's been a taxing year for you and it has stretched you thin. This year, you have been forced to grow personally. The lunar eclipse will further cause you to grow, not for any external achievements, but for yourself. The further you leave behind the old self and adapt to the new,  the more satisfied you will be. As you age, the more you are ready to change, it shows a willingness to stay young at heart. You could face difficulty communicating with partners, especially with financial partners. 


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A sudden change will bring you in touch with someone who can offer you new opportunities on the work front. You might feel unsettled initially but it will all come together. You will feel things just working out for you, only if you take the necessary action to seal the deal. Don't celebrate prematurely. 


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It is upon you to find a clear destination for yourself and find the reasons to go ahead. This period will bring eclipses with it but once you are clear, you will be able to move ahead with efficiency. If you find yourself unsure, it is because the plans are insufficient or the goals are unworthy of your efforts. This summer will play a major role in helping you move ahead with your dreams. You need to keep an eye on communication issues where creative collaborations and work-projects are concerned.

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Many signs will be called upon to reflect on their inner selves while others will have to make changes on the outside. Either way, the changes will remain with you for months, if not years.








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