Kate Middleton Embodies Lady Diana's Values as She Hugs a Young Boy With Autism, Making His Mother Break Down

Kate Middleton Embodies Lady Diana's Values as She Hugs a Young Boy With Autism, Making His Mother Break Down

Her heartwarming smile, charming presence, and empathy for people has made her one of the most loved royals.

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"Hugs can do great amount of good; especially for children." - Lady Diana

For decades now, we know Princess Diana as the "people's princess." She never failed to spread love and joy even if that meant breaking protocol. She also believed in going out there and loving people despite the royal protocol of maintaining a "stiff-upper-lip." She exuded motherly vibes whenever she was around kids or sick people and crouched down to talk to them.


Ingrid Seward, the editor of Majesty magazine, said, β€œDiana was the first member of the royal family to do this." The royal family used to say that everyone had to be deferential to them. β€œBut Diana said, 'If someone might be nervous of you or you're speaking to a very young child or a sick person, get yourself on their level,'" reports Express.



Even after her sad demise, many of her admirers couldn't forget how she made them feel with her friendly hand-shake and a warm smile that had an alluring charm about it. The same charm was witnessed again recently, and this time from her son's wife and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were on a visit to Bradford, New Yorkshire, where the Duchess was seen hugging a young boy in the crowd who stood behind the fences eager to meet her, reports The Sun.


Josh who had been standing in the crowd outside Bradford hall with his mother Sue, has sensory autism, reports Mail Online. In a heartwarming catch up with both of them, Kate told him that she had received the cards he made her for. In what could be termed as the most adorable conversation, she also told him that she loves his coat and George would have liked it too.


As she happily chatted with the boy, his mother who stood beside him recording the incident broke down in tears. Kate continued the conversation before warmly telling him "lovely to meet you" as she moved down the line of eager fans to shake more hands.


The pair looked their spirited best as they happily caught up with officials, children, and waved enthusiastically at the crowd. The parents-of-three did not let the on-going family tension cloud their faces or energies.

After a spirited meet and greet the couple moved from outside City Hall to MyLahore, a curry house that does a lot of charitable work in the community, where they made lassis and sipped them together.

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Another highlight moment from the event was when Prince William handed a rose to Princess Kate which had fallen out of the bouquet.



As the visuals of Kate Middleton hugging this young boy go viral, one can't help but think that Princess Diana has not left us after all, she is right here among us in the form of her values and the love she left in the world. One can't help but think that she did make the world a better place to live in, in her own unique ways.