Kate Middleton Says 'Queen Is Looking Down On Us' After Spotting 5 Rainbows Over Balmoral Castle Where She Passed Away

Kate Middleton Says 'Queen Is Looking Down On Us' After Spotting 5 Rainbows Over Balmoral Castle Where She Passed Away

Prince William said that they don't see rainbows often in Scotland and considers that rainbows as a sign.

Kate Middleton shared a beautiful moment that occurred after the passing of the Late Queen Elizabeth II. The Princess of Wales, 40, claimed the royal family felt the late monarch's presence when five rainbows rose above Balmoral Castle the day after she died, per PEOPLE. She witnessed it while meeting with volunteers and operational employees who helped plan the Queen's committal service on Monday. 



Prince William asked his wife at Windsor Guildhall, "In Scotland, how many rainbows turned up? You hardly ever see rainbows up there, but there were five." Kate replied, "Her Majesty was looking down on us." Rainbows have recently broken through the masses at two more iconic UK locations. A double rainbow emerged through the clouds over Buckingham Palace just before Queen Elizabeth's death was announced on September 8. Another rainbow lighted in the sky over the Palace of Westminster the day before her funeral, on September 18, as the Queen's corpse lay in state. 



The new Prince and Princess of Wales made their first public appearance Thursday, following the state burial at Westminster Abbey and the committal service at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. They wanted to appreciate the people who helped during the Queen's televised burial. The committal drew around 800 individuals, and the ceremony was more personal than the official funeral. Some of the individuals who knew the Queen well were seated in the pews. Her entire extended family was present along with the present and previous members of the Queen's household. Governors-General and Prime Ministers from Commonwealth countries were also present. 



The Queen's death will be remembered in part because of the usual British summer weather. Throughout the day, as spectators nervously watched the television coverage, it became clear that the weather at Balmoral was mirroring the mood of the nation, per Express UK. The estate's newsreaders and guards were spotted braving the weather as rain fell nearly continuously. However, the rainbows provided solace as the entire country mourned the death of a great monarch.



On Monday evening, Queen Elizabeth was put to rest beside her husband Prince Philip, father King George VI, mother Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, and sister Princess Margaret at the King George VI Memorial Chapel. Historian Robert Hardman, author of Queen of Our Times: The Life of Elizabeth II said, "She had no wish to see a statue of herself or to even have a separate burial chamber within St. George's Chapel." "As her cousin, Margaret Rhodes once said to me, 'She wanted to make her father proud.' " 




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