Kate Winslet on Co-Parenting 3 Kids With 3 Different Husbands: "My Children Live With Me... They've Always Been With Me"

Kate Winslet on Co-Parenting 3 Kids With 3 Different Husbands: "My Children Live With Me... They've Always Been With Me"

"My kids don't go back and forth; none of this 50/50 time with the mums and dads," says the actor, because she has their custody.

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Kate Winslet is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses in the industry, no doubt. Just like the on-screen characters she portrays, her personal life is a mixture of ups and downs as well. She is co-parenting three kids with three different men who were either a part of her life once upon a time, or are still with her.

The 45-year-old shares Mia Threapleton, 20, with first husband Jim Threapleton; Joe Mendes, 16, with second husband, Sam Mendes; and Bear Blaze Winslet, 7, with her current husband Edward Abel Smith (Ned Rocknroll).




The Titanic star has always preferred keeping her personal life away from the limelight. Boasting about how much she's succeeded in doing so while talking to The Guardian back in 2010, she said, “No one really knows what has happened in my life. No one really knows why my first marriage didn’t last; no one knows why my second didn’t. And I’m proud of those silences."


Now before we tell you how she manages to co-parent her three kids with three different men, here's a little detail about how Winslet's relationship has been or is with each one of them:

Jim Threapleton

Just a year after meeting filmmaker Threapleton on the sets of Hideous Kinky, the then 23-year-old Winslet married him in 1998. Two years later they welcomed their daughter. By 2001, their marriage came to an end. "My relationship with Mia’s dad was a mess. In the last year and a half of our marriage, I became a completely different person. I was isolated from my family and my friends," she told Index Magazine during an interview in 2004.



She further revealed that Threapleton didn't want her to be "famous" because of which she started looking for supporting roles. "He would read a script that I loved and immediately kill my passion for it by saying it wasn’t good enough for me. That was the only time in my life that I’ve ever lost control of my instincts."


Sam Mendes

A few months after her divorce, the actress started dating director Sam Mendes in 2001. After two years of dating, during one of their holidays, they spontaneously tied the knot. "We hadn't been planning to do it but we thought it was rather a good idea, so we just did it," she told The Guardian.



In 2003, they welcomed their son. However, by 2010, the actress was walking down the lane of divorce once again. "I know lots of people who are not in the public eye who have gone through several marriages, I really do, and it’s just those are the cards that life dealt me. I didn’t plan on its being that way," Wall Street Journal quoted her in 2015, "And f*** me, it hasn’t been easy, you know."


Edward Abel Smith

While Winslet was chilling on Sir Richard Branson’s private Caribbean island, Necker Island in 2011, after the divorce with Mendes, a bolt of lightning hit their home, starting a fire. As fate played its role, "I met my husband in a house fire," she told ET, talking about Edward Abel Smith. "He was the only dude to have a head torch and a pair of shoes, everyone else left everything behind. I took a bra and passports and my children. So I married him! I was like, 'I'll go for the guy with a head torch!'"


The Dressmaker actress walked down the aisle with Smith in 2012 and a year later she welcomed her youngest son with him. "Thank God for Ned – really. He’s just so incredibly supportive, and he’s so much fun. He’s absolutely everything to me. And to all of us," she told the Wall Street Journal.


Now comes the question, how does she manage the co-parenting part? Well, the actress has an answer to that too. "People go, 'Oh, my God! Those poor children! They must have gone through so much.' Says who?" snipes the actress, according to Us Weekly as she reveals, "They've always been with me."

Winslet proudly continues that both Mia and Joe have a great relationship with their father. "They don't go from pillar to post; they're not flown here and there with nannies. That's never happened. My kids don't go back and forth; none of this 50/50 time with the mums and dads – my children live with me; that is it. That is it!"

The Reader actress is a proud mother of three and currently happily married as well.