Keanu Reeves Went Out of His Way to Make an 80-Year-Old Grandma's Day | She Had a Huge Crush on Him

Keanu Reeves Went Out of His Way to Make an 80-Year-Old Grandma's Day | She Had a Huge Crush on Him

"Give her a call, I want to talk to her," Reeves told the man who bumped into him at a restaurant.

Keanu Reeves is said to be one of the nicest actors in the industry. He's gone out of his way to make people smile.

A Reddit user recently shared a story of how the Matrix star called up their grandmother—who had a longstanding crush on the charming actor—and spoke to her for several minutes, cheering her up. "My grandmother had a crush on Keanu Reeves because he reminded her of my grandfather when he was young," they wrote on Reddit. "Saw all his stuff, from Bill and Ted to the Matrix."

They disclosed that the quality of her life had significantly decreased in recent years due to her health condition. "She had a stroke in her early 70s and was pretty much housebound for the last 10 years of her life, so watching movies was her main hobby and became almost like her friends to her because she so rarely got to see any of her own." Sick and frail, she found comfort in the world of movies and of course, her favorite, Reeves.

"Not too long after the Matrix came out my uncle was in LA for business and was eating at a really swanky restaurant when Keanu came in with a woman." They both knew they had to tell the actor about his mother's crush on him. It would mean the world to the grandmother to know that someone in the family had had the opportunity to meet Reeves. 



"When he finished his meal my uncle came up to their table and said, 'I don’t usually do this, but I just wanted you to know that my 80-year-old mother loves you and has seen all of your movies. You remind her of my dad,'" they wrote.

They figured that was the end of the conversation but Reeves took it one step further. "He said Keanu asked if he had a cell phone on him and when he confirmed that he did, he said 'Give her a call, I want to talk to her.' He spoke with my grandmother for several minutes and it absolutely made her year."

All it took was a simple call to change the woman's life, and Reeves was humble enough to do it for his fan. "She was so isolated and his genuine kindness to her and interest in her showed what a truly amazing man he is," the Reddit user continued. 



Honestly, Reeves is one of the best people out there, and stories like this are the real reason why. 



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