Legendary TV Writer and Producer Norman Lear Celebrates 100th Birthday by Singing 'That’s Amore'

Legendary TV Writer and Producer Norman Lear Celebrates 100th Birthday by Singing 'That’s Amore'

The icon has spent over 60 years creating beloved TV series and films and isn't slowing down anytime soon.

Television writing and producing legend Norman Lear celebrated his 100th birthday on Wednesday by singing Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore” in a video posted on Instagram.

The Connecticut native, who was born on July 27, 1922, recalled how he once worked for Dean Martin singing the same song during the Colgate Comedy Hour in the 1950s. The man responsible for creating TV shows and films for more than 70 years also shared some wisdom with his fans about living in the moment, something the TV icon has learned over his long life. He also seemed grateful for how science has advanced over the years and how it got him to his 100th birthday. “My God, the miracle of being alive with everything that’s available to us,” said Lear in the video taken by his daughter in Vermont.



According to Deadline, Lear has a long list of accolades including five Emmys, two Peabodys, the National Medal of Arts and a Kennedy Center Honor. The war veteran was given the Air Medal after flying 52 missions in a B-17 during World War II.

As for his TV career, it all began with variety shows like The Martha Raye Show and The Andy Williams Show. After that, he created hit shows like Sanford and Son, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Maude, All in the Family, Good Times, One Day At A Time, and The Jeffersons, among others. Even now, the award-winning Hollywood writer and producer doesn't plan on slowing down and has 23 projects in the works. He told PEOPLE, "My awards and accolades mean a great deal to me, but they don't mean as much as the drive to the studio today. I still explode with joy, excitement, interest and utter delight every time."



In another interview with the outlet, he revealed he'd be spending his birthday with his "wonderful" wife of 32 years, Lyn Davis (an Emmy-nominated filmmaker and political activist) and the rest of his family in Vermont. "I can't wait to be at my home in Vermont and celebrate with my entire family – my wonderful wife, my six children, my two sons-in-law, and my four grandchildren. How lucky am I?" he said at the time.



Speaking to The Washington Post, he revealed that "the meaning of life can be expressed in one word: tomorrow.” When asked what pieces of advice he has that stand out above the rest, he replied, “There are two little words we don’t pay enough attention to: over and next. When something is over, it is over and we are on to next. Between those words, we live in the moment, make the most of them.”



"At the moment, I feel like I could do a second 100," he added. 






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