People Are Coming up With a List of Quarantine Songs Based on This Simple Theme: What's Yours?

People Are Coming up With a List of Quarantine Songs Based on This Simple Theme: What's Yours?

Do you like the song you discovered? If not, then we have a list discovered by others for you.

Rita Wilson, while stuck in quarantine with her husband, Tom Hanks, stumbled upon a brilliant idea of creating a special playlist that she named Quarantunes. So she took to Twitter and asked, "Hi guys! I want to make a @Spotify playlist for people self quarantining. Something that might relate to isolation, perhaps? Can you send some song ideas that I can add? Also, what should we call it? Quarantine Choruses? This is what one does in quarantine. Uthink of stuff like this."


With that tweet, she created and shared a compiled list of songs on Spotify that could be her Quarantune. She wrote, "So, with all your fab suggestions, here’s the fan based Rita Wilson Quarantunes playlist on @Spotify."


This was followed by numerous people compiling playlists of their own, especially for the quarantine, as reported by Business Insider. This included Carlotta Freni, who worked in the music industry and has lived in Milan, Italy for 13 years, creating a playlist called 'Songs for Pandemic.' She said, "To me, music is the primary way to communicate feelings and to seal a particular moment or history inside our memories."

As the trend caught on, people turned it into a game and started finding new themes for their song collection. One of these games became viral and insisted that people search for the song that was number one on the charts on their 12th birthday and that would be their quarantine song. There was no rhyme or reason behind selecting 12th birthday as the date and it was just a random simple thing to do that caught people's imagination.

Now, you can discover your quarantine song this way too but if you do not like the song that was on the top on your 12th birthday, we have a list of songs that people discovered. You can pick one of them.


















We hope you had fun discovering your song and going through some of these as well. Stay safe!

Now tell us, what is your quarantine song?



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