For Every One Of You Who's Been Broken By the Loss of a Loved One, Here's a Special Way You Can Keep Them Close to You

For Every One Of You Who's Been Broken By the Loss of a Loved One, Here's a Special Way You Can Keep Them Close to You

What better way to bring your lost loved one home than with this extraordinary and special memento made by artists who truly respect your pain?

The pain of losing a loved one has the power to bring you to your knees. The knowledge that you'll never get to see them again, hear their voices or hold them one more time is heartbreaking and can take months or even years to recover from. While you do at some point end up moving on, there's a part of you that feels like it is missing. But maybe there's a way to bring them home and hold them close to your heart again without having to immortalize them on a headstone in a crowded cemetery. And that way is provided by a creative couple in Seattle.


Greg and Christina Dale have used their artistic abilities to provide grieving families with a memento of their loved ones by turning the cremated ashes into gorgeous, swirling glass sculptures and pendants. This sweet and touching idea of theirs has already helped multiple mourning families properly remember their lost loved ones. With 50,000 memorials made and sent out, it can only beg the question as to how this creation came into play.


Greg first thought of this when he himself was close to having to grieve the loss of his father. Together with his wife, they were forced to consider funeral arrangements. “I almost lost my father to a surgery,” he told Good News Network. “We were going over options if I lost him and the idea for our amazing business was hatched. Getting shot out into space, fireworks, and becoming part of a reef are great ideas we went over,” he added. “But I realized everyone is looking for help healing, and I thought beautiful glass art would help.”


Thankfully, his father made it through the surgery, but the idea was taking root. Not long after, their labor of love had its first customer — Greg's own grandparents. And in 2012, they started their business called Artful Ashes where they created more than 50,000 glass memorials, sculptures, and pendants for mourners. In order to start their process, all the couple requires from their customers is a tablespoon of their loved one's ashes for them to have a stunning memorial at the end of four weeks.


According to the official website, the couple state, "Our artists capture the essence of your loved ones’ spirit in a swirl of color and ashes, sealed forever within beautiful glass art.
These amazing pieces comfort your grieving, allowing you to hold and treasure your memories. Each order is treated with the utmost care and respect, following strict tracking and production methods." They also say, "Thank you for trusting us to help you heal," a statement that shows the respect they have for your grief.


Though these magnificent, touching pieces can cost upto $185 per piece, those who have ordered one find them to be priceless based on the testimonials the Dales have received. One customer shared, "My mother. Thank you to all staff at Artful Ashes! You are amazing," in a post that was shared by the official Facebook page.


Another customer stated, "My sweet baby boy ❤️ took us 4 years to get the courage to mail our baby off & im so happy we did. He is beautiful."


One customer had a very heartfelt thanks to share. "Dad came home. I am beyond words how much I appreciate this. Thank you."


Another customer said, "My husband totally surprised me with this gift. Thank you so much for the care you took in bringing my mom and stepdad home to me this Christmas. It’s beautiful."


You don't have to be alone after losing your loved one and maybe with the help of the Dales and Artful Ashes, you can bring them home again.




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