43YO Woman Who Was Missing For 3 Weeks After She Went Swimming Was Found Naked In a Storm Drain | She Got Lost In Tunnels

43YO Woman Who Was Missing For 3 Weeks After She Went Swimming Was Found Naked In a Storm Drain | She Got Lost In Tunnels

Lyndsey Kennedy was reported missing on March 3 and she was found on March 23 in the sewer drain.

We have seen many movies and TV shows about the intricate sewer systems but none of us would have thought that it was possible to get stuck there while going for a swim. One woman from Florida, who was rescued from a storm drain on March 23, told the police that she was lost there for weeks. The 43-year-old woman, Lyndsey Kennedy, also said that she lived on ginger ale while she was down there, reported Wear-TV.

She was found naked and trapped in a Delray Beach sewer system. Her boyfriend had reported her missing three weeks ago in a different Florida county, according to Insider. She told the police that she had gone swimming in a flood canal on March 3, the day her boyfriend reported her missing. However, she found a doorway in a shallow part of the canal while swimming and she became curious about where it leads. The doorway took her to the sewer system, according to a police incident report.

She kept following the tunnel and went into other tunnels, eventually becoming lost. The woman claimed she wandered inside the tunnels for 20 days until she was able to see some light. She then walked towards it and noticed some people walking by. She waited until people noticed her but when they didn't she yelled at a passerby for help, who then called the police.


"There's somebody stuck in the sewer over here," the passerby said in a 911 call reviewed by Insider. "She is stuck and can't get out and is screaming for help," they added.

The Delray Beach police and fire department responded and rescued the woman, who was taken to the hospital for medical attention immediately. Insider reported that the incident report said that the woman was "very lucid" when she was talking to the police. However, the officer noted that the events she narrated were "unusual." After all, things like these only happen in fiction.


Ted White, public information manager for Delray Beach Police Department, said that the police don't believe she was actually stuck in the sewer system for 20 days. "The health officials don't believe that she was down there for that long," he told Insider. "From their perspective, they think maybe days, but certainly not weeks," they added.

There is more reason for their skepticism as the woman's mother also revealed that she had a history of using narcotics and mental illness. The woman's mother said her daughter has a history of "doing odd things and making bad decisions when she is high on drugs." This is a good reason for the police to take her words with a pinch of salt. Officers don't believe there was any foul play involved, nor do they believe any crime was committed.


Lyndsey's friend, Michael Hahn, said that the family is looking for privacy at this time, as per Wear-TV. He also added that her family believes her account and is supportive. The 43-year-old was living with her mother in Florida, and also has a daughter in the state.





Cover image source: The Delray Beach Fire Rescue

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