The Beautiful Lyrids Meteor Shower in April Will Be Utterly Magical & Have Cosmic Impacts | Where Will It Take You?

The Beautiful Lyrids Meteor Shower in April Will Be Utterly Magical & Have Cosmic Impacts | Where Will It Take You?

Meteor showers hold astrological significance and tell us a lot about the changes that are about to take place.

Meteor showers are what happens to a meteoroid, a space rock, when it enters the Earth's atmosphere. As it comes towards our planet, it experiences resistance and turns hot., which is how we get to see a shooting star. The bright streak that is visible as a trail is the glowing hot air as the hot rock travels through the atmosphere. When there are multiple such rocks cruising through the sky, we witness a meteor shower, according to NASA

The Lyrids meteor shower happens every year between April 16 and April 26. The shower usually peaks around April 22 and the early morning of April 23. This is a medium-level shower and can be seen from both the southern and northern hemispheres. Almost 10–15 meteors per hour will occur during the peak, but it is not too predictable. It can increase to even as many as 100 meteors per hour, too. According to Stylecaster, this suggests that meteors are harbingers of a time of unpredictability and uncertainty. This period could bring new opportunities, friendships, and changes in your life, and this could make you feel a bit off-balanced.

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The radiant or the point where it seems to originate to the naked eye is located in the constellation Lyra. In Greek mythology, Lyra symbolizes the magical instrument created by the Greek God Hermes (Mercury) himself. He gave it to his brother, God of Sun and Arts, Apollo. It is believed that the music that created by this instrument was so divine that it mesmerized everyone when they heard it, according to SecretSerendipity. 

For eons, humans have been fascinated with the stars, the moon, the sun, and other celestial bodies and pondered over their spiritual significance. Meteors are believed to be divine messengers, which is why people make a wish when they see a shooting star. Another myth that withstood time is the belief that gods would peek at Earth from between the planets to satiate their curiosity. And when they did that, a star or two would fall through the gaps, which humans perceived as a falling or shooting star. 


A meteor shower is a time of reflection and change. They "represent the spiritual insights and wisdom gained from looking deep within the shadows of ourselves and our world," according to Rachel Lang, intuitive astrologer and healer, as per Wellandgood. They might be able to ignite our chosen path and guide us through some decisions. As per Lang, meteor showers signify something like the rise of the phoenix. Something has to end for a new beginning. We rise from the ashes, stronger than before and wiser in many ways. "They also invite us to create new ideas and beliefs. They’re like little bursts of aha moments,” she explained. 


This will be a time for a lot of inner work—introspection, reflecting over past decisions, and making peace with our life choices and ourselves. Once we do this, we clear our mind space of regret and worry and make room for new opportunities. "This is a time for inspiration and new ideas that help you live a more purposeful life," said Lang to WellandGood. "The dueling nature of these meteor showers suggests we could see new ideas and insights arising in our political and societal spheres. This could also indicate changes in our environment and political structures. The meteors offer us hope during this time of change in our world," Lang explained. 



During the April meteor shower, Pluto will be in retrograde, as per GoodTimes. As the planet of transformation, it might ask a lot from us personally, and we might have to answer its call. It might mean looking at the world differently, leaving old patterns behind, and sometimes even cutting ties with toxic people. It allows humanity, as a whole, to reassess its purpose and reinvent itself. This is the time to dig deep within and find our true purpose.

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This, in turn, will also allow us to focus on the overall good for everyone on the planet. The more we heal within, the better communities we build. Whether we choose to go on that search will depend on us. The retrograde will remain in place for five whole months, and this will cause significant changes to the world as we know it. It is probably a wakeup call for the whole of humanity, a force greater than our rational mind nudging us to be wiser and kinder in our decisions—towards ourselves, others, and the planet. 

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This intense phase, when the meteor showers will be in full bloom, will stir emotions and memories that can take us closer to our true selves. It will also be a time when things hidden in our unconscious—our fears, self-doubts, insecurities—will be brought to light. The more we accept these and choose to heal ourselves, the transformation will be powerful and enlightening. 







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