Know Your Face Shape: Simple Makeup Tips for Each Shape to Bring out Your Best Features

Know Your Face Shape: Simple Makeup Tips for Each Shape to Bring out Your Best Features

Every face has a distinct shape and when highlighted correctly it is capable of bringing out your best features.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 19, 2020. It has since been updated.

Every face on this planet is unique. Isn't that incredible? There are no two faces that are alike. Even amidst identical twins, there will be a certain something that sets each apart. 


However, faces can be categorized into shapes. Every face shape has one or more distinct feature(s). Many women don't realize how precious and unique their natural face is. Like any true makeup artist would tell you, the purpose of makeup is not to hide what we don't like but to play and have fun with our natural features. 

Makeup is a fluid concept; there is no one rule to apply makeup. Neither is it a must. Somedays we feel like stepping out bare-faced. Some days we may feel like decking up. The focus is to stay true to ourselves and get creative and have fun with it. A few of these expert tips can help you bring out your best features, unique to your face shape. But first, here is how you can identify your face shape.


How to identify your face shape?

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There are two basic ways to do so:

1. Tie your hair up and click a photo of the front profile. Now trace the outline of your face and look at the shapes it resembles the most (square, round, oval, etc.).

2. Next, with your hair tied back, stand in front of a mirror and form imaginary lines on your face. The first one from the one end of the eyebrow to the other, the second one from one cheekbone to the other. And the third, a vertical line from your hairline to the tip of your chin. Once you have done that, you will see a clear shape emerging, which you help you identify your face shape. For instance, if you think the length and width of your face are almost equal, it could mean that you have an oval or a round face.


Now for the makeup tips as suggested by Byrdie:

1. Square

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The cheekbones and the jawline are the best features of people with square-shaped faces. Therefore, accentuating these could suit your face best. Contour your temple and jawlines, and with a fluffy brush blend the product upwards. This will make the angles softer and elongate the face. Apply a highlighter on the hollow of your cheeks to make them stand out. A tad bit of highlighter on your temples will give that extra edge.

2. Round

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The forehead and the nose are the two distinct features of people with round faces. Applying a tad bit of highlighter along the bridge to the tip of your nose and the center if your forehead will bring out your natural features. A bit of contouring by the hairline and jawlines can help frame the face, making it sharper. Blush can be your best friend, too. Since it brings out your natural soft appeal, which is characteristic of the round face. 

3. Heart-shaped

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If you have a heart-shaped face, your most striking features are the cheekbones and the forehead. A contour stick is a very useful tool that can play up your natural angles. Accentuate your cheekbones and forehead by contouring the top of your forehead and apply bronzer underneath the cheekbones. Apply blush a little away from the nose, sweep it towards the ear, and blend downwards. This will help highlight the cheekbones.


4. Oval

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The oval face is the most balanced face shape. Therefore, you don't need to do much to accentuate your natural features. The highpoints like the apple of the cheeks, temples, and browbones are the most prominent features of the oval-shaped face. Add a hint of bronzer on the temples and work it downwards towards the cheeks. Also, apply blush over the apples of the cheeks and the temples to make them stand out. Use highlighter on your browbones and chin, which will add prominence to the frame of your face.

5. Oblong

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The length and width of an oblong face differ greatly. Therefore, you should stay away from highlighting the forehead and the chin, which could make the face look even longer. Highlight your cheekbones and the apples of your cheek instead, which will could create an illusion of a balanced face. People with oblong faces are most likely have a sharp nose. This can be a great asset. Apply highlighter or a hint of blush on the tip of the nose and the high points of the face like the browbones, cheekbones, and temples to bring out your natural features.

Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.