Man Marries Rice Cooker Only to Get a Divorce From It in Four Days

Man Marries Rice Cooker Only to Get a Divorce From It in Four Days

Safe to say it was a whirlwind marriage.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, but for one man from Indonesia, it came in the form of a rice cooker- you could say they had a rather steamy affair. Khoirul Anam from Magelang Java decided to take his love for the household appliance to the next level and show it just how serious he was about the relationship. So, he got married to it. 

According to Tech Times, he shared photos from his wedding on Facebook, noting the rice cooker was white, loving, and also obedient. The statement also included the obvious benefits of having a rice cooker as a wife, as he shared that "without you, my rice is not cooked."  There's no information on their relationship, it could have been a whirlwind romance, for all we know. 


Here's the thing, Aman is known for pulling pranks on his follower, so no one really knows if he was being absolutely serious about the cooker, or if this one was just for the traction on social media.

But, four days after exchanging vows, Aman shared that he got a divorce. The marriage came to an end before it even began! "My decision is round.. heavy indeed.. but this is the way I take.. no perfect partner..," he shared, along with a hashtag that read entertainment. 


Once news of his separation came out, Aman shared images of headlines from various publications and commented that at least he can entertain. However, before that, he shared a rather cryptic post where he wrote that people must not make decisions in haste. "Don't make decisions when you are angry and don't make promises in happy moments." This probably suggests that Aman decided to get divorced out of spite; probably the rice cooker didn't make the perfect meal. 

Aman's most recent post on his Facebook is of him with a rice cooker in bed, one which is distinctly different from his ex-wife, and the photo is captioned "miss you." The rice cooker in the latest image also seems to be a more modern version. One can't help but wonder if he gave up on his first wife because he was mesmerized by the options available. 





Cover Image Source (Representative): Getty Images | yanggiri

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