Man Shows What Celebs Who Left Too Soon Would Look Like Now, Using Artificial Intelligence | Gone but Not Forgotten

Man Shows What Celebs Who Left Too Soon Would Look Like Now, Using Artificial Intelligence | Gone but Not Forgotten

These celebrities left us too soon, but here's what they probably would have looked like, had they been alive now.

Cover Image Source: Instagram | Hidreley Diao (@hidreley)

Being a celebrity or a public figure is not easy. Along with the constant pressure to perform well, they also have to maintain a public image which can be quite stressful. Sometimes, some of these very talented and loved celebs depart too soon, leaving a huge void in the hearts of their family and fans. Often I am left wondering what would those celebrities look like now, were they to live until this day. 


It seems like I wasn't the only one who wondered about this. A man decided to use technology, specifically artificial intelligence (A.I.) apps and photoshop, in a bid to revive these famous people, just to see how they would look like if they were still alive.

Here are some of the most prominent names that left us too soon who this man tried to revive and how they would look if they were alive today:


1. John F Kennedy Jr.

He died on July 16, 1999, when he was 38 years old. He would be 60 years old if he were alive today.



2.  Natasha Richardson 

She was 45 when she died on March 18, 2009. If she would have been alive in 2021, she would be 58 years old.




3. Michael Jackson  

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, and he was 50 years old then. If he were alive today, he would be 63.



4. Aaliyah 

She would be 42 years old if she were with us now. She was merely 22 when she died on August 25, 2001


5. Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin was 27 when she died on October 4, 1970. If she were alive now, she would be 78.



6. Brittany Murphy

She died on December 20, 2009, when she was 32. Today she would be 44, if she were here.




7. Paul Walker

He died on November 30, 2013, when he was 40. He would be 48 years old if he were alive in 2021.


8. Elvis Presley

He died on August 16, 1977, at 42. He would be 86 if he would be around today.



9. Princess Diana

She died on August 31, 1997, when she was 36. She would be 60 now in 2021.


10. Whitney Houston

She was 48 when she died on February 11, 2012. Today, she would be 57.




Cover Image Source: Instagram | Hidreley Diao (@hidreley)